Nepotism- It’s all relative!

Jahan humare sapne pure hote hai vaha inka struggle shuru hota hai.

Yes, you’re right. This is the popular meme reference on Instagram; Siddhant Chaturvedi’s take on nepotism in reply to Ananya Pandey. I believe nepotism has not only caused the deserving ones to struggle but has also taken away their opportunity, that is, their chance to prove themselves.

So, what is nepotism?

Nepotism is the subtle art of giving opportunities and favouring the dear ones because of blood relations or friendship. Nepotism is the inheritance of a despot’s genes. Despotism is the origination of nepotism. No one remembers how you got a chance but only what you did with it. Contacts can fetch you more jobs than IQ and capabilities.

Nepotism has a very negative impact on the Indian society. India is a country where being a doctor or engineer brings in great respect but pursuing a career in acting is looked down upon. Why? Nepotism answers that. My mom thinks that to be successful in the glam world, I need to be glam already, one has to be rich, one has to be a star kid. If you are so interested in trying, take a backup or else you will die hungry.

Ayushman Khurrana’s take on nepotism:

“Had I been a star kid, I’d have got launched by 22 or 23.

Kareena Kapoor’s take on nepotism:

Nepotism has become a part of our lives. It exists in every possible field, be it the glam industry, be it politics or the intense struggle to acquire glory in this cut throat rivalry. She thinks that nepotism is highly overrated in Bollywood. Many star kids have failed in carving their way successfully into Bollywood. And only the talented ones are outshining.”

“If there’s Alia Bhatt, there’s Kangana Ranaut.If there’s Ranbir Kapoor there’s Ranveer Singh.”

She is right, talent survives. But what about the opportunity? Nepotism has continued being a predator to a lot many proficient artists out there who were good enough but didn’t get an opportunity to showcase their talents just because a star kid was exploring himself. There are so many side artists working behind without any recognition or enough credits.

Then there’s Tiger Shroff, Sonakshi Sinha, Abhishek Bachchan, Karishma Kapoor, Sara Ali Khan and the list goes on. All hail actors like Shahrukh Khan, Kartik Aryan, Akshay Kumar and others who have paved their way through nepotism.

Would Rajiv Gandhi had been elected to serve the nation if he wasn’t the son of Indira Gandhi? Wouldn’t Salman Khan be behind the bars if he hadn’t have tons of contacts with the high authorities? Think.

Nepotism is also seen in the Indian education system.

Indian educational system, where the reserved category students paint the town and flourish themselves in IITs and top medical colleges and the general category students dropping years to sustain in the field. The educational system recently came up with the stats which stated that the students are losing interest in one of the finest engineering examinations called JEE MAINS and ADVANCED.

Lakhs of students appear and barely 5000 of them are being placed in the finest institutes. Same scenarios on NEET. No matter how ruthlessly you study, there is only 50% possibility of you being selected. Thanks to the SC/ST ,OBC, VJ and the never ending list that goes on. Caste discrimination was a social issue back then, and brought to limelight but now the rights are violated. One can rather provide fundings to the financially unaided  if they qualify the examination righteously.

Nepotism enforces competition, not the healthier one but a ruthless one; competition that made the non deserving ones shine and the deserving ones to fight endless battles. I believe nepotism is the Achilles’ heel in our system and it has to be eradicated.

Nepotism has proved to be an effective way to protect family assets and carry on the legacy. We can not refute the struggle of Dhirubhai Ambani who carved his way from rags to riches but can never stop pondering about his sons being born with a silver spoon.

Nepotism has continued being a hurdle in every socio-economic and educational fields. It needs to be wiped out, it can not be overlooked.