Freezing or Facing

Whenever a problem arises, man has two choices. To freeze and possibly run away from it, or to be daring and face it. I was once faced with such a problem.

When I was in KG, I had gone swimming with my cousins to a sports club nearby. Since it was a holiday, there were many kids in the pool and only one coach to handle them all. After 5 minutes of being in the pool, I saw the coach picking up a small boy and throwing him to the deep end of the pool. That sight horrified me and I started crying loudly, thinking about what I would do if he did the same with me.

Fast forward to the third grade where we had swimming and crafts as a subject every week. It worked in such a way that when the boys had swimming, the girls would do crafts and vice versa. And I would always come up with a fever or a stomach ache or an injury to avoid swimming. One day, my mother caught on and didn’t write my sick note. She told me I would have to go swimming at least once. I mustered up the courage, packed my bag and agreed to go swim. When I got into the pool, I froze. Literally and also because this was the same sir teaching us how to swim. Just my luck! I instantly started crying that I wanted to get out of the pool. When asked why I may have revealed to the sir that I was scared that he would pick me up and throw me to the deeper end. And he held onto that. Now, he gave me a float and when I still didn’t stop crying, he would threaten me. I somehow managed to get through that day and swore never to go swimming again.

When I was in sixth grade, my parents thought swimming was an essential skill and decided to put me for classes. You can guess how my first day went. I cried at the sight of the swimming pool but this time I planned to overcome my fear. I entered the pool, with a float, of course. And this time I overcame it.

I have now learnt swimming very well. I don’t participate in competitions but I really enjoy swimming now. This time I chose to face my fears instead of freezing.