Getting rid of shyness from public speaking.

How many of you stand up voluntarily when asked to deliver a speech in front of a class full of friends?
I guess not many, would be the answer to that question. We all want to be fearless public speakers. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to break the ice with the perfect joke and captivate the audience with compelling stories?
But sadly, reality doesn’t match perfection. Our fears overshadow our confidence and we may end up forgetting lines and going blank in front of the masses. Shyness from public speaking can be painful or embarrassing at times. In complex terms, the fear of public speaking is known as glossophobia. The fear is real. It makes you sweat, gets your heart pounding and fills your mind with anxiety. Studies have shown that 3 out of every 5 people are glossophobic in nature. Right from giving a class presentation to discussing the business with colleagues, public speaking is required everywhere. Stepping up to the podium not only positions you as an expert but also gives you exposure to a large number of opportunities. A good public speaker often outshines among the rest and gets an edge over the others. We always know that one guy who is the man of the show and steals the thunder everywhere he goes. Good communication abilities not only help you to gain respect but also develop professional reputation. Public Speaking serves as a huge platform to express your own self and your ideas professionally. It helps you to deal with difficult people.  It creates a deeper impact on the minds of the people. Despite of having an amazing skill set and technical abilities you may lose the job you’ve always wanted because of lack of effective communication skills. It enforces critical thinking. Preparing a speech requires a detailed thought process which in turn widens the horizons of thinking.
Now the question arises,
How to get rid of shyness from public speaking?
*Get yourself organised. Be prepared. Practice as much as you can. Practice may not make the man perfect but it surely helps to gain confidence, makes you less nervous and more relaxed.
*Eliminate the fear of being judged, eliminate the fear of rejection. Be yourself. Be comfortable in what you’re speaking.
*The only way to master the art of public speaking is to speak and speak and speak and speak.
So, what are you afraid of? The next time when you’re asked to speak in public, grab the opportunity- the opportunity to overcome your flaws, the opportunity to overpower your insecurities; Prepare and perform, Rise & shine.