Profile Building Workshop

Placements, soft skills, interviews and all things informative was DJ LIT’s profile building workshop that took place on the 3rd of February.

The first workshop started out with a bang at 9 am, that Monday morning with Ishita Kheria as the host. The workshop was headed by Mr. Pratik Upadhyay of Programmatix Institute, whose level of interaction with the students was on a different level. He explained the necessary skills one must acquire to ace any interview, starting off with the most important question of them all, “Introduce yourself”.

Participants were urged to explore their own selves psychologically, by Ms. Nidhi, by pictorial representation, to get to the bottom of this question. Gradually, we went on to learn about interviews, and their variants, with tips shared on our level of confidence to the most dangerous interviewer you’ll find. Mr. Upadhyay went on to enlighten the students on how to go about presenting themselves, “from the shoes to the tie, everything matters”.

The session got even more interesting, when there was a prize to be won, with Mr Upadhyay asking the participants interview questions they would face and distributing chocolates for every correct answer. With a lot of resistance from both ends, the enjoyable session concluded with a quick tutorial on Group Discussions, with valuable advice from Mr. Deepak, on how to face various people and the roles we can play in the group. Marking the end of the first session, the workshop broke for refreshments.

For the second session, the participants returned with full vigor, energised with the Brownies, Samosas and the hot drinks served. This second session was hosted by Shlok Sampat and was led by Mr. Shrinath Vakharia from Sky Inclusive Pvt Ltd, who had graciously come all the way from Ahmedabad. He amiably informed the students about all things foreign. Starting off with the basics Mr. Vakharia explained the requirements of different countries that are leading on the educational front, including Canada, the USA and Australia such as the GRE, TOEFL and PTE. He further explained the living costs and other details of each country thoroughly from Canada to the USA, he knew it all. He then, emphasised on the importance of profile building from the first year itself and how they should be centered around a prospective Letter of Recommendation (LoR). He explained the defining points that make an effective LoR and Statement of Purpose, with emphasis on the need for published research. The educational session then concluded with Mr. Vakharia addressing the participants doubts and questions.

All in all, the profile building workshop was a huge success, with DJites learning an immense amount from our knowledgeable speakers and fine-tuning their professional skills. Signing off with another memorable event, stay tuned to find out more about the rest of our exciting events this year!

– Adrika