Pseudo Feminism

Feminism. When I googled this word, this is what I found: The advocacy of women rights on the ground of equality of all sexes. It is a range of political movements, ideologies and social movements that share a common goal- to define, establish, and achieve political, economic, personal, and social equality of sexes. This includes seeking to establish educational and professional opportunities for women that are equal to those for men.

Pseudo Feminism, contrary to feminism, emphasis on contrary is, unfortunately, the current state of the feminism movement, not only in India, but the whole of our world. I personally blame the social media for this ruckus in this wonderful movement. What is pseudo feminism or who is a pseudo feminist exactly, you may ask. A person that claims to be a feminist yet ignores the main point of feminism, equality.

Pseudo feminists will tend to blather on about how terrible men are, or assume how men do not face social issues in regards to their gender. Not only can these issues include false rape accusations (although that’s rare), rape of men (which is actually more common than you’d think), selective services and the pressure of masculinity (which is very much like the pressures of feminization that women face but not considered as often).

Pseudo feminists are those people that get angry and go rant about their ideology of the media- popularised feminism if they’ve ever been asked to make a sandwich. It is a dire situation. Men can cook, and be asked to cook, but women cannot? I’m not advocating that women should be housewives. I’m saying that after work, the man and woman can cook together. What’s wrong about that?

Now, I’m not saying that men are all nice and that women are falsely blaming them. It’s just that women need to understand that not all men are bad, and they shouldn’t treat every man in that manner. The problem is generalization. We as humans, tend to generalize everything. Hitler generalized that all Jews were bad and put them in concentration camps because a couple of Jews betrayed Germany. The United States of America generalized that all Muslims were bad after the September 11 attacks and treated them in a terrible fashion.

Just like this, pseudo-feminists will frequently call acknowledgement of men’s issues misogyny, many so called “masculinists” try to generalize feminists as pseudo-feminists, in order to claim that feminism is misandric, i.e. man – hating in nature. Of course, these “masculinists” then ignore women’s issues and prove to be nothing but hypocrites. If you misuse the term, you’ll look stupid to any intelligent being. The sooner the generalization of a whole group because of one particular person or situation, the better.

The situation of pseudo feminism is so bad that if at all I hold the door for a woman, it might imply that I’m trying to tell her that she isn’t capable of opening the door. You might mention that what I just said is absurd but this is something I have actually experienced. Once I held the door open for a woman, I would do that for anybody, man or woman. The woman, with a rude tone said to me, “I can open the door by myself.” I never said she couldn’t, this is just plain and bland general courtesy. These pseudo feminists don’t realise that each and everything that someone does is not to oppose their strength, mental or physical.

This social media driven world is creating chaos. Several Social Media Influencers and other people of influence too, without realizing, or trying to learn the true purpose of feminism, spread their thoughts on the movement. Then there are other influencers who completely oppose this because they think that the prevalent pseudo feminism is actually feminism, they too don’t take the effort to understand or learn what feminism is. Feminism has deviated too much from its purpose. Just because the term ‘Feminism’ uses the female, or rather the feminine gender in its terminology, doesn’t mean that the purpose is supremacy of women.

Pseudo feminists are spoiling the movement by claiming superiority of the feminine gender. That was never the purpose of this movement. There is no superior gender. Yes, upliftment of women is very, very necessary because of the undermining that they have been suffering for centuries. I’m not denying that men are to blame for this. We, men are the ones that are responsible for the female gender being oppressed. Something has to be done, even though people are advocating women rights for over a couple of decades, this advocacy is widely limited to cities.

Developing countries as well as small towns and villages in the developed countries too need to work on this. Consider India. Girls are still asked not to work, be home before a certain curfew time, wear certain clothes, et al. This is prevalent not only in small towns but also major cities, like Delhi, may even top this orthodox mindset in India’s list.

All in all, I truly believe and advocate the upliftment of women in all respects. So, I’m a feminist myself. But if the feminists out there believe that females should be superior to males, then in those regards, I wouldn’t call myself a Feminist.