Harry Potter and the mystery of DJ Sanghvi

It was August 13, 1998 when a boy was been born. His name was Harry Potter. He used to live with his relatives. His parents were passed away in some tragedy as per his knowledge. He was an ordinary boy who used to go to school, who used to play outside with friends. One day he got some scholarship letter from NMIMS to pursue for the institute’s new program that is MBATECH. As Harry was going to give his SSC board exam that very year so he decided to join that program. Once he was done with exams and vacations, the registrations were open for the MBATECH program and he did register for that. After some days he went to give the entrance exam and the interview. Now he thought this is easy just giving exams and just appearing for interview but less he knew that getting into this programme, not easy boy. He gave his exam and interview. Later he got selected for the programme and he joined NMIMS. He opted for MBATECH in defence against the dark arts. It was his first day he was there too early as he was excited. He was in the classroom and then one by one students kept coming in. Between other students there was a boy and girl named Hermoine and Ron who were friends. Harry tried to approach them but somehow they were not interested so they didn’t respond. Afterwards lectures were started. The class teacher Prof. Snape came into the class, introduced himself and later he asked one question: ”Who would like to be the CR of the class?” And suddenly Harry got stood up. Now he was the CR of the class. Later on he became friends with Hermoine and Ron. Now they were in one group they used to hangout together. One day in the break they were searching for the place to eat in canteen but unfortunately they didn’t get any place so they decided to go to DJ Sanghvi’s canteen and eat. They
reached DJ’s canteen and suddenly Harry starts to feel something in his head. He didn’t know what was happening after eating while he was leaving for the lectures he saw one woman and again he started feeling something but he somehow went. After some days again they visited DJ and Harry again suffered from the head ache. Now they were curious what is happening to Harry whenever he visit DJ. They started to gather information about the women they saw in DJ. After some time there was an event in which they participated. The event was treasure hunt. The game started. Harry, Hermoine and Ron were in one team. They started searching for the clues, they had to roam around whole SVKM colleges. To get the first clue they had to get inside the college without ID and by dodging the guards so Hermoine distracted the guards and Harry and Ron went inside. To get another clue they had to play table tennis and if and only if they win they will go further. Ron steps to play and was struggling hard but some how he wins and Harry moves further and then there was this last place where Harry had to find the last clue. He reached into seminar hall and then he saw a woman. She was the same woman he saw in DJ. Harry started feeling weird. When the women introduces herself, Harry realised she was his mother. Harry
tells her about himself and she gets shocked. Then after Harry comes to know that his parents are alive. They had to give up on him because they were financially unstable. After some time Harry forgives his family and then he meets his father and then after he lives with his family happily.