The Harry Potter Extravaganza – A Report

The Hogwarts Express left King’s Cross Station at 10 am sharp, on the 14th of March, 2020. A clique of wizards and witches were aboard the train including professors, students from Hogwarts (D.J. Sanghvi) as well as Durmstrang and Beauxbatons (other colleges of Mumbai). Despite the pandemic that has seemingly disrupted the day to day activities of muggles, a buzzing mob of magical folks arrived at Platform 9 and three quarters for the Harry Potter Extravaganza.

The Extravaganza had simultaneous events taking place in the seminar hall, on the 3rd floor, and the drawing hall, on the 5th floor.

In the seminar hall, a multi-round quiz was taking it’s course. The quiz had 4 rounds in total. The first round was a presentation based questionnaire. 30 questions were displayed on the screen, one at a time- with 30 seconds for each question. The participating wizards and witches were to write the answers on a sheet of paper. 20 teams moved on to the 2nd round, which was a magical crossword. Participants were given a crossword to solve, within 10 minutes- extra points for being able to solve the puzzle quicker.
10 teams qualified for round 3, which was our Time Turner round. Teams came ahead and picked up numbered chits, ranging from 1 through 5, and two of each number. Teams having the same number had a face off. Teams were supposed to pick out one topic chit, and were to restrict themselves to the topic. Each team had 3 seconds every turn. An instant death round. 5 teams qualified for round 4.

Round 4 was split into 2 subrounds. The first subround was a jigsaw sequence round. 3 stills from the movies, each still divided into 4, hence a total of 12 pieces were given to each team. The teams were to solve the jigsaws, and then arrange the three jigsaws in their correct sequence as in the movies. The second subround was the lightning round. Each team was individually asked a series of questions. They were to correctly answer as many questions as they could within a time frame of 30 seconds. The cumulative scores from the two subrounds of round 4 were considered to decide the winners.
The winners were awarded prizes well over worth 10K. The other 4 runner ups were awarded exciting prizes too.

Meanwhile, in Diagon Alley, on the 5th floor, there were interesting games, shops and everything you could find in a Wizard’s Flea. Just near the entry gate was our very own Ollivander’s Wand Shop, where everyone could pick out a finely crafted wand. We had our own form of quidditch- the quidditch pong. You’ve got mail was a dart game. We even had fandom shops in the flea. All in all, it was a magical event, and every visitor was awestruck.

The Harry Potter Extravaganza stupefied every wizard and witch that was on board the Hogwarts Express that day, and we as the DJ LIT family, were very proud of the event we pulled off.