2 Years ago…

It was the break of dawn
My mother came in my room and turned the lights on
She said get up son, you need to go .
You’re already late ,don’t be slow

It was the beginning of a new journey
From school to college, a path of new discovery
My father said these are the most important years of your life
More difficult than cutting a log of wood with a pocketknife

You’ll have to study a lot said my mother
You won’t get time to play said my brother
My older friends said that you will suffer
All these thoughts made me stutter

Going to PACE ,on my way
A classmate told me you have to study 18 hours a day
10 lakh students dreamt with their mind and soul
Getting into IIT was their main life goal

The total seats were ten thousand
Better was the return ratio of equity based mutual fund
Getting less marks made me feel sad
The sine thetas and cos thetas made me go mad

All those bonds, all those atoms
All those pulleys ,all those free body diagrams
All these things made my head spin
I always felt I was in a battle I could never win

My friends ,my teachers and my family of course
Their motivation my only energy source
That was what kept me going
There should’ve been gratefulness which I wasn’t showing

Not being able to enjoy, made me grumpy
Not getting sound sleep ,made me sloppy
These were the things that gave me headaches
These were the reasons I made mistakes

Now I’m doing engineering , obviously not an IIT
Said that just to kill your anxiety
Now when you go back through those memories
The stories just make me freeze

Never had I thought ,solving a sum would make me joyful
And now I realise my teachers were so helpful
Talking to friends for hours ,to clear doubts of course
Doing integrations and calculating the magnitude of force

These days have taught a lot to me
That life will never be easy
Difficult was my life is something even I see
But these were the days worth the sweat
These are the days I won’t forget
And these are the days I won’t regret.

-Dhruv Jain