A Letter to Hatred, From Love

Dear Hatred,

The day my beautiful world will sink,
Everything dissolving inside you, will cry.
All of me that you always corralled within yourself,
will break out and fly.
The enormous ocean you filled with tears,
The warm blood you spilled in war, will dry.

The distance you made between two brothers,
will find me, exhaust and will say goodbye.
For the child who deserved a bright smile,
you got him always one dark wry.
Because of you, who always gave up,
They’ll go out there and always try.

For the mistake you did to hunt the love birds flying high,
You’ll realize,
The evil mind said everything to you was a mere lie.
The Viking on the fence, the Sparta of your empire,
Will bow down in shy.

And even the pounding heart inside you,
Withered to cease, you know well, don’t deny!
Now imagine the ashes of your soul,
Hold you fading breath and sigh;
All of yourself you raised upon me,
Will smile with me and burn to die.

With Love,

-Piyush Kuril