A Perfect Real Reflection!

This is to my ‘critics’,
this is to my ‘first fan’,
this is to my ‘Fashion Icon’!
I am a perfect real reflection of her!!
Here’s how….
Whenever I see those ‘jhumkas’, I get to see her playful side. It brings
out the young girl in her. And it helps to keep the inner child in me
always alive.
The epitome of strength, beauty and courage is the ‘bindi’ on her
forehead. It depicts that she can conquer the world which no one
ever can.
Eyes lined with deep black ‘kajal’ always reminds me how bold she
is. It completes her image of a strong woman.
The ‘nose-ring’ is not only a regular accessory of her, but it defines
the pride in her own unique style.
Her love for pearl ‘chudis’ is very special. Every-time she hugs me,
what I vividly remember is the sweet sound of her chudis that fall on
my ears.
‘Rings’ are magically magical. Her hand with all of her rings seems
like, she could solve all my problems with a snap of her finger.
The tinkling of her ‘payal’ makes me feel her very presence. It
precisely makes me feel her approaching steps towards me.
My love for ‘red’ is what I have got from her. Her love for ‘red’ has
made the wardrobe to flow with silky, fresh red fabrics.
The classic ‘watches’ completes her hand and now mine! It ensures
that I am always on time.
Writing about her is like describing a ‘hurricane’ with all of its
This is to my “Mumma”!
Our love for each other have no pity, no ego, no conditions, it
crushes down all that comes in our path.
She is my first icon and yet my first fan!
I am a perfect real reflection of her!!

-Aparna  Bumb