A Portrayal Of Life

Life commences from the day we are born,
And ceases on the day we are torn.
Life is like a wave full of ups and downs,
It gives chance to everyone in search of their crowns.

Life is too short to regret on the past,
It has a finite time that flies away so fast.
Life is too small to hold grievances against one another,
It is just as large as to love people we consider other.

Life is a gift to us by the Almighty God,
Loving and helping the needy can make it broad.
Life has given us our Mom and Dad,
Obeying them can refrain us from making it bad.

Life is a journey to be enjoyed,
Not a single moment in it should be destroyed.
Life is a game to be played,
It gets as large as it is made.

Life has its moment of tear,

Which can be overcome only if we do not fear.
Life gives a thousand reasons to smile,
Which can be done only if we make ourselves more agile.

-Snehasish Ghosh