A Walk Through Life

Life is wonderful,
It’s filled with excitement and splendor.
What we should learn is,
Having thoughts good and tender.
Your dreams you must chase and fulfill,
But it boils down to the power of your will.

Life is often nice and sweet,
At every junction,
You get new people to meet and greet.
Be just and fair to every person,
Never resort to cruelty and deceit.
To compete is good, but too much isn’t great,
We must accept our destiny and fate.

As time passes by,
We wish to set new trends.
What is truly important is,
Spending quality time
With family and friends.
There will be moments of difficulty and strife,
In such circumstances,
We should happily deal with this phase of life.

Everyone at some point needs a break,
So just go for a little holiday and have some fun
instead of stressing on work approvals getting done.
You’ll feel refreshed for sure,
With an otherwise hectic schedule,
That definitely could be a cure.

Today’s world constantly wants change,
To our elders this sounds strange.
To everyone out there,
I would like to say,
Always move around with a smile on your face,
Live life with dignity and grace,
But remember……
Life is a journey and not a race.

– Shawn Mathias