A Walk Through the First Semester of Engineering

Engineering and first semester!
It was described to me as a monster!
With the fear of ATKT in the atmosphere,
Six subjects to fight and appear!

Engineering mechanics was a new member in the crew,
It’s concepts were understood by me few,
Statics and dynamics take a totally different hue,
My knowledge of it step by step grew.

Basic electrical engineering the circuits guy!
Voltages, currents, emfs, DC, AC, transformers, etc made me high!
My teachers, to make it easy did try,
But learning AC circuits and transformer made me cry!

Applied Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry are my known friends,
But in a new disguise they were send,
Oh! I forgot, to applied they tend,
But to be lenient than the above two, they were mend!

EVS was not so serious,
But somethings in it were tedious,
Inculcated values in me to protect the environment,
So was it’s purpose meant!

Assignments, journals and vivas were in huge peaks,
Completing them made my sleep freak!
First ever experience in carpentry offered the workshop,
Sawing the wood planks made my sweat drop!

Fresher’s week was an angel in disguise!
Mood of entertainment it did rise!
Fresher’s party thrown was overwhelming,
It’s memories will forever be dwelling!

Exams are the roots of education,
IA 1, IA 2 took their proper position,
End semester exams did more stress deposition!
But to clear all was my mission…..

-Aishwarya R. Rele