A World beyond Social Media

Jonathan unlocked his phone. Went through a series of apps, whatsapp, Instagram, snapchat, replied to a few messages, liked some pictures, scoffed at some memes, and made sure his streak with each person was maintained. This was done continuously through out the day. It became more and more mechanical as if his mind was on an auto pilot mode. Countless hours of scrolling, just clicking over the endless ocean of insta stories not even seeing, reading or understanding what has been posted. His mind was no more in his control. These apps became his time fillers. On his way to work and back, during tea breaks, even on the pot, he kept this fruitless charade on.

Posting each and every detail of his even so boring life, but potraying a confident, popular personality on social media. He was living a double life.

His life beyond the social media apps wasn’t as much interesting, or as so he thought. If only he could have taken a moment to actually see, he would know, there is something more to life, than online validation from a bunch of strangers he calls ‘friends’. The ones that don’t react to his Instagram Stories, are the ones that he had his first drinks with. He can just ‘ping’ at his best friend’s door bell or have an hour long phone call than write ‘hmu’ at 3am on his page because he is lonely.

He forgets, not everyone is honest on social media. With a lot of photoshop and filters a pic gets posted to maintain the feed. The happiness seen, can also come from an unhealthy mental space. He doesn’t know what that person’s going through. He doesn’t know that it can be miles apart from what he sees on that person’s feed. Social media puts up a fake filter not only on pictures, but on life as well.

If only he could look up from his screen and see what life actually holds is much, much more than what edited photos, copied captions and ‘look I’m having fun’ boomerangs can portray. Ironically I am Jonathan. And so are you.

Saili Sonawane