Aeon Future

“Today, we mark the beginning of a new world. A world that aims to restore the balance in the biosphere, that existed a thousand years ago. Over the years, humans have evolved into selfish creatures, with no understanding of how God wanted this world to be. In ancient times, the average lifespan of a human being was fifty three years. Today, that number has risen to a staggering seventy seven. In our desire to live, we have increased our life span by over twenty years. Today, humans are the only animals left on this planet. What we have done to Earth is unforgivable. However Representatives of God will help restore that balance. From now on, all healthcare facilities will be shut down and all the lives of their occupants will be sacrificed for the fulfilment of this noble cause. Once we restore the world to it’s original glory, God will give birth to new animals, birds and plants that will enrich this planet and bring back life to this barren wasteland.”
-General Slater

“Another one, eh? Where did you find this bitch?”
“In the Pharmacure research facility, General. The one opposite the creek. It had been locked down a few years ago”, I reported. The woman looked at me in despair. She was carrying a child in her arms. It was covered with blood. Had she just given birth?
“Alright then. Kill her.”
“But sir, the child…”
I was interrupted by a loud gunshot, followed by the cries of a child.

“I don’t want to hear any of your nonsense, Carl. Have you forgotten what you have learnt at school? Now finish this one off”, said the General as he stormed out of the cell.
No sorrow, no pity, no mercy, no weakness

“I’m sorry, General Slater.”

Chapter One

It was a tiring day at work. Who thought that working as a physician for the Resistance troops would be so strenuous?
Travis had called me up in the afternoon, asking me to come home a bit early

“Dad, meet Jessica. She’s my girlfriend!”, Travis exclaimed, his eyes gleaming with happiness.
“Girlfriend huh? You sure have grown up!”, I chuckled.
He had grown up. After all, it’s been seventeen years since I took him under my wing.

“It’s nice to meet you Jessica! Come, sit down. I’m making burritos for dinner.”
“So Travis, you’re gonna turn eighteen in a few days. Where do you wanna work then? Gonna join me fight against RoG?”, I asked, as I dug into my dinner like a famished pig.
“Well, I’m definitely running away before the rogues from RoG try to enlist me as a soldier. I’m taking Jessica along too. I want to move to Germany and study microbiology. My teacher said that they might offer me a scholarship.”
“Glad to hear that. It’ll be lonely without you here, kiddo.”
“I’ll miss you, Dad.”
Did I really deserve this? Deserve to have a loving son? A family? After all, I’m the reason why he was orphaned. The reason why he never knew his mother?

“Did you hear? The RoG facility at China was infiltrated last night. Did the Resistance have anything to do with it?”, Travis asked as he rose from his chair.
“I’d like to think so. One of the patients today was a man who was wounded in this encounter. He didn’t reveal any details, though.”
“Why did you join the Resistance, sir? Why not lead a normal life like the others?”, asked Jessica.
It was a good question- one I had been asking myself since the day I ran away from RoG.

“As you know, Representatives of God is an organisation that was set up by my father, Krill Slater. In their bid to stop healthcare services, they’ve managed to halve the world’s population in just twenty years. I was forced to join them. I knew that they were wrong. I didn’t want any of this. I didn’t want to be a part of the murderous group. But I had no choice. My father was a cruel man. He’d kill me if I refused to cooperate. So I worked with them as a field agent. However, something happened, seventeen years ago. Something that made me make the right choice. Travis happened”, I said with tears in my eyes.

Chapter Two

“Carl Slater, eh? Krill’s son?”
“That’s right.”
“You’re um…how do I put this? You’re not what I expected you to be. As Krill’s kid, I thought you’d be a ruthless brat with a thirst for world domination.”
“I don’t think my mother was a loyal wife.”
“Haha, you’re so much like Diane.”
How did he know my mother’s name?
“She used to work with me at Pharmacure. We were researching on a new cure for cancer. Krill was her assistant.”
“What was my mother like?”
“You never got the chance to meet her, did you?”
“I did, but I don’t remember much. Krill charged her with treason. She was hanged when I was five. Krill arranged for a private execution in our lawn.”
“Oh, I’m terribly sorry. Your mother was a fine young woman. She was beautiful. You have her eyes, Carl.”
The leader of the Resistance knew my parents. So this is why he wants me to accompany his troops to London. Why else would the Captain Phillips take a junior physician along to a battlefield?

“Everyone, get ready. We strike at dawn”, said the Captain as I helped him get off the bed and onto his wheelchair.
The man had lost his legs in a battle against RoG troops. His movement had surely been hampered, but his spirit was undeterred. He was a man who would mount an RPG onto his wheelchair and take down an entire RoG squad by himself.

“Captain, I couldn’t help but wonder why you’re attacking the English base. I’ve visited this camp before and the only people you’ll find inside that building are mad scientists trying to formulate cancer inducing drugs. They’re anywhere but close”, I chuckled.
“Haha, they can’t induce cancer, but they have managed to cook up a virus capable of taking out anyone aged sixty or more. Krill will pay this facility a visit tonight, to check if all the arrangements for mass production are in place.
We’re infiltrating this camp tonight, and taking Krill out. You have to be the one to do it. First we break his spirit. Then we break his body.”
I’ve to kill my own father? I know he’s obsessed with his propaganda and not the man I knew as a child. But how can I shoot the person who taught me how to pull the trigger?

“I’m sorry it has to be this way. But we need to put and end to this once and for all. We need you, Carl.”
“Alright, I’m in.”

Chapter Three

“General, your son is here to see you. He wishes to speak to you. Should I let him in?”
“After all these years, the prodigal son returns. Bring him to me.”
I was led to a small room by a someone who looked like a teenager who consumed nothing but whey protein. He wore a tight fitting jersey, with an old baseball cap. “So they’ve been training school kids”, I thought.

“General, he’s here.”
“Good. Leave us.”
Krill was seated on a make-shift throne, a lab stool with a red pillow on it.

As I walked up to him, he pointed his rifle towards me and said, “What made you come back?”
“I’ve missed you, pop.”
“I don’t think you heard me right. What the fuck made you come back here? After all you’ve done, do you really think that I’d take you back in?”
“I never asked you to take me back. I came here because I missed you. I’m your son, remember? I want you to come home with me and meet your grandchild. He’s getting married next week.”

He laughed and said, “Did you really think I’d fall for that? You’re no son of mine, you’re a coward. You ran away from your duty and joined the very people you were told to kill. I’m trying to make this world a better place and I gave you a chance to be a part of this historic movement. I should have known that the son of the bitch would be a dog too.”
“Don’t say a word against my mother.”
“Your mother was a whore. She asked Phillips to get her a lab posting in exchange for a night with her. You’re probably his son, you know. I married her because I thought she’d be useful, but that bitch betrayed me.”
“I took you in because I thought I’d be able to drive sense into you, to show you how cruel this world is.”
“The only thing that’s cruel is you”, I said as I took him by surprise and grabbed his pistol.
“These men outside will kill you.”
“What if I kill them first?”, I said as I activated my transponder as a signal for the Resistance troops to strike. Then, I shot Krill down.
When a stone is thrown in a pond, it makes small ripples on its surface. The stone breaks through the surface tension of water and manages to disturb the entire pond, causing the fishes to swim away in fear of being swept away.

That’s exactly what we did at London. We shook the very foundation of the RoG. Our shells managed to bring down the entire facility in a few minutes. I tried to find a way out, in fear of being buried under the debris like everyone else. As soon as I ran towards the window across the hallway, the ceiling caved in.

Chapter Four

“Where am I?”
“Somewhere safe.”
“Who are you?”
“Your benefactor.”
“Who am I?”
“Our new leader. Welcome home, General Slater.”

Pratik Mulchandani