So, you see I’ve buried you in my smile..
For I know there’s where you would love to be.. just as you said ..

The thought that we’ve lost you once and for all still crushes the heart like nothing
ever will..

You’ve made me who I am.. And all thanks to that.. In fact it’s not me, it’s you in
me all the time…

It’s you who filled my heart with all the bigger aspirations to be something. To be
a person of worth.. To have a heart larger than life… To spread love without asking
to be reciprocated… To be the best wherever I go..

It was you who taught me brain wins over beauty whenever I asked you “If I’ll
grow up to be pretty?” .. And then it was you again who told me I am the most
beautiful the way I am..

Well I must say.. It’s hard to follow you .. But I am trying to live by all your

Sometimes I wonder, how different, how beautiful, how better, how blessed our
lives would have been with you still in it..

Your mere presence use to enlighten our days like a fresh sunshine and would fill
us with hopes of betterment..

Ohh how I wish I could snatch you back from the skies and stars where they said
you went to..

But my feeling of helplessness can do nothing except just watch and wave at the
stars with a thought of you watching me somewhere someday from above ..

But that’s not the way I want it to go..

So we choose ..We choose to make you happy and proud someday.. Just the way
you made us, every day!! 🙂

Pooja Vishwakarma