An article on the lockdown

The history is being marked and living and fighting a way through a pandemic is not what is written in everyone’s destiny they said, but this fight, or so called fight for the nation’s economic and physiological war of staying alive, would be so mundane they never said. After availing every moment of the fast life and valuing seconds to make productivity out of each one, being gifted by an excessive amount of free time starts feeling weird. Little did the pandemic knew that the working generation of people who have forgotten to live the life in moments and have changed the definition of living to vacations over weekends has lost touch with the great heyday pastime of dawdling.Playing cards, board games or just spending some time with your loved ones are now the new unknowns and have made people conscious about their actions, as this was never done before. The inability of the generation to live in these moments and yet again be in the house, just pushing by the seconds hand has turned homes into Big Boss’ arena, with all the unspoken words and frustrations slowly flowing out. But, this makes me hopeful, because just like the only way out of the woods is through it, similarly altercations are sometimes must to bring out the glitches and hurts of past time and to get a fresh new start to the relation. Yet again, amid this corona vacations, even I have been stuck with a family full of people who love each other but somehow had lost their touch and all those grins and laughs in this ‘Kabhi na ruknewaali Bombay’ life. Slowly restoring the age old charm of the family, I hope the country too finds its way out of this and stands tall up on the economy immediately after we put a full stop to these home quarantines.

-Tanmay Ambre