An Encounter

Part 1- The Beginning

Part 1.1 (ThePresent):
(11th April 2019 (last day of work) – I am Mr. John Parker and I am a chief archeologist working in Pyramid of Giza with my team. Currently we are exploring chamber number 16 B and searching for some treasure which government believe can be hidden anywhere in the pyramids. It’s been 3 years 7 months and 18 days and we are not able to get any clues about the treasure we didn’t find anything we are stopping the search and going to our home)

John closes the book and leaves for California. As soon as he reaches his home, he met his grandfather who was once an archeologist during cold war period. After dinner John was going through his old stuff in the attic where he finds a printed book which looked like it was from 1990’s. The book was not in his best condition, few pages of the book were slightly burnt and torn off from the back side and the author’s name was Alison Parker his grandfather. He was in shock because he was not aware about the book so he did a bit of the research on internet and he found absolutely nothing.

So, John went to his grandfather’s room and asked about his book. Alison in shock said " You should have not known about this” John replied “But I was also working in the Giza Pyramids for around 4 years and found absolutely nothing"

"I read the book and found that you have mentioned something about time travelling possibilities and aliens" John asked his grandfather. "You want to know? (Alison pauses for the a few seconds) I will tell you what really happened"

"In my mid 30s I was working in pyramids of Giza, we worked around 4 – 5 years but the main event started happening in the last year.

Out of 30 member 4 Crew Members including me were disappeared from that current time."

John said he was not able to understand and asked Alison to explain it from the very beginning.

Part 1.2 (The Beginning Of The Past)
Alison begins:(18th Nov 1979 I and my crew members were finding for a hidden tomb in the pyramids of Giza but we were stuck at the corridor. 2 crew member Jason and Roy were indulged in a fight on some personal topic, Jason pushed Roy and he fell down on a monument and that’s where all the things changed, we found a key & a map under the monument. The map was having more of pictures then any scripts.

And the script written didn’t matched to any another literature around the world and we didn’t know what that was, we try to search for something new but we failed so we called for the day officially.
Next day we worked whole day but were not able to find anything, the crew seemed tired but I was curious to know about the map so I decided to stay back with Smith one of our crew member. The plan was to work 2 hour straight then a short break and if we didn’t found something we would work whole night for 1 hour shift each. (After 3 hours of work)

When I was working alone, while observing the same monument I found something which looked like a button. So, I tried to press it. A sound of bang and all the doors were closed (25 mins still left for my shift to get over) I was sure that no one would come to help me. (Around 10 mins remaining) I was in a subconscious state and was not able to see things clearly. A door like thing wide opened in front of me and 3 people came, I could hear a person speaking and the voice was similar to someone I knew, they helped me to get out of the pyramid and they went to the pyramids.

Smith came and saw me unconscious and helped me out getting back to the tent. The rough image of a person was in my mind he was too long to be a human.

The next day (20th November 1979) Me Smith, Jason and Roy decided to work near the door, I told them about the incident last night and they believed me. We used drilling machines to open the door and we found the secret room. We were observing the room and found a box. A square box with a block asking for current year option with A.D and B.C in left, a + and – sign in the middle asking to add or subtract from current year and start in the right. We were happy that we found something in these 5 years, Smith was curious and therefore he pressed the start button, the year was already mentioned, the looped open in front of us and we were able to see exact same room in better condition and we decided to go in and we reach the other side of the loop, as soon as we passed from the loop, it closed down. In anger Jason punched the machine and it was broken. We tried to fixed it and it was not possible for us, we saw light coming from the top so we look at the top of the pyramid the light was of the moon so we realized we have time travel to the period when pyramid was under construction…

Part 2 (Journey To Home)

Part 2.1 (Stuck In The Past)
Just imagine you are stuck in a place where you can’t contact anyone, no one would have known that you were here, you cannot communicate because no one knows your language, no signals and now your life is at halt.

Me and my crew members were stuck in the past, we didn’t know how to go back in our time. The machine which Jason broke was a bit different from the machine we saw here. This machine didn’t have the block for A.D and B.C. We were discussing about this and a door opened to our left. A man came with two guards, the man was not similar to us, he was quite big like the one I might have seen at that night. He was wearing a mask it was not so clear but it felt like a mask with human face. He asked us,"who are you? “(We didn’t understand this because he was speaking something else). He looked at us and understood we are not getting him. He used a machine-like thing to talk to us. (I would like to name it a translator). After using that machine, we were able to talk to him. He asked, "who are you? Jason replied, "We came through the loop hole opened in our time ". After we said this, he realized his machine was working. He looked at the Machine with proud but soon he realized it was broken. He asked, " who broke it?" (We could feel the anger by looking in his eyes) Jason replied he broke it. He got angry and killed Jason. Roy tried to stop him but he was also the one who got killed there. He then took us to the jail. I couldn’t do anything and they were killed in front of me.

The next five weeks were more dangerous for us. We received food twice a day which was half cooked meat and some water. The prison was dark and near the pyramid. We didn’t know when it was day or night. We were called by the great height man in his room after 6 weeks (it feels like years to me) He asked us, " do you know the exact layout of the machine you used in your time?" Smith replied, " yes we know”. He freed us and said both of you will work for me from now onwards and if I am impressed from your work, I will send you back to your time. We agreed. The work was simple, we had to help him to build time machine again and go back to the prison at night.

Part 2.2 (The Struggle)
The prison guard was a nice person. We asked him about the great height man and he started his story…

"Around 16 years there was a crash of unidentified flying thing near our village. Two man came out of that thing. One of them was badly injured. He was speaking a different language which we didn’t understand. But he used a thing (Alison thought he was talking about translator) after that we were able to understand him “(The guards shift ended and he left)

The next day I decide to ask the great height man about himself because if I have to survive here, I should know what was going in his mind. I asked him about his life, his planet, where he is from.

He replied
"I am from a planet far away from your tiny planet. We were travelling to further planet our government has named that planet as planet Kepler 1B, but due to some engine failure we crashed here and I lost my flight partner. I sent the signal to my planet but didn’t received any reply as of now (As you all know I am archeologist I was not able to understand somethings) (He continued his story)

As I landed, I knew I was a superior race as far as technology was concerned. The life was pretty simple here and the people believed what I said. There was no ruler here so I decided to rule them and made sure they helped me for my purposed. Due to my gigantic structure they were pretty Afraid of me and obeyed me.

I understood the cosmos and I knew the planet alignment where I had to send a signal and It had to be a straight light beep with minimum disturbance. So, I realized I had to make a huge structure with a window block exactly aligning my planet and then sent a light beam. So, I thought pyramids would be the best. I already sent a signal years ago and didn’t received any replies. So, Time Travel was one of the options I tried. (The Day ended here)

Back in the year 1979 technically we were not found in the pyramids and government started a search operation but all the emergency doors were locked down including our time machine room, so no one found us … The Govt then stopped finding us because it was waste of time for them to find 4 people when the country was constantly engaged in cold war.

Part 2.3 (The Concept Of Time Travel)
The great height man said that he was going to use worm hole technique to get to the future. (Alison interrupted and said)"I am an archeologist in my time and have less knowledge about space and time, you need to explain me from the scrap". The great height man said " Let’s take a point B which is exactly straight from here, we are at point A, the distance is 1 km from point A to B. We can cover this distance in 10 min walking but if we can bend the path in the vertically opposite direction and then connect point A and B through a tunnel, the time taken would be less than a minute. But the concept suggest that a worm hole can only be used from the origin point (the year in which it is made) to a point you desire, but you can only return till the point of origin and not behind that.

Worm holes are present everywhere around us but are very much smaller than an atom and if you magnify it, it would burst due to excess gravity passing through it. But our race has already found the solution to it. Before you arrived here, I already created a loop here in my time (the time of origin) but the machine was still incomplete. Did you understand now?" Alison and Smith replied "Yes"

After working for 4 years we were able to create a perfect machine and tried to go in 1983. We selected this year because it would have been around 4 years since I disappeared in my time. The portal opened and we time travelled again and we thought we were in 1983 and opened the door which lead us to the corridor only to see that I myself was subconsciously fallen on the floor, and that’s where I realized that we were in 1979. I in shock said "it’s not 1983 its 1979 because that’s me a day before We time travel"

I helped myself to get out of the pyramid and then I traveled back to the time with Smith and the great height man. And therefore, I knew that on that day it was my future helping me to get out of the pyramid and that’s why the voice felt similar to me.

Part 2.4 (Back to the future)
Once we arrived back, we checked the machine and found that the unit place no. 8 digit was not working due to short circuit and therefore this part of the machine was damaged. It took us 6 months to repair the part and make the machine work.

On the other hand, the last pyramid block was set today and he said that it took him 20 years to complete it.

At night after our work was over, we were given a room near the pyramid for rest as we were out of jail.

Next 2 – 3 days we searched for the location where we can place the antenna which can boost the power of the signal which was to be send. At midnight of 4th day there was a loud noise, loud enough to wake everyone up

And I could not believe that I saw 3 UFOs in the sky that night. The great height man was really happy as the help arrived for him.

They were ready to leave and I asked him his name – He replied with Zizao which in their language meant traveler. He also asked me to use the time machine and travel back to my time. We bid farewell and they left our planet. Within no time I and Smith decided to go in 1985 as it be would around 5 – 6 years.

We were instructed by Zizao to press a secret button which would close all the doors in the pyramids and we also didn’t knew how to reopen it.

In no time we were in 1985 and closed all the doors and left from the pyramids. We reported to USA embassy in Egypt and tried to contact officials.

They asked us to mention our named, I replied "Alison Parker and Smith Johnson", they were left in shock and sent a jet to get back us to USA and interrogated us.

They asked us where were we these 5 years and I explained them whole story.

They laughed at us and didn’t believed us and said that we very crazy. They sent us to a psychiatrist and after 1 year of constant counselling we were sent back to our home.

I saw my family and I was happy. That 5 years felt like an era to me. I started working in a local supermarket since then.

In 1988 Smith died due to heart attack and now I knew no one was there to believe in our story or to talk about it, so I decided to write a book about it.

It took me 4 years to complete the book with all the details. In 1992 I tried to publish the book but the USA Govt didn’t allow because cold war was now over and if this book published it may cause our country to suffer at the global level.

They destroyed all the books printed and this is the only copy left with me.

John believed the story and left for his work back again.

Vrutik Paras