An Odessy Of Self Discovery

So i knw this guy
And he is exactly like me
From the length of our hair
To our common dislike for alcohol.
He walks like me
But when he stumbles,
you dont want to call him clumsy,
Rather compare him to someone
who falls seven times
and still picks himself up eight.
He talks much like me
Fumbled through some words
But his command over the language
Makes you want to be the words
That slips through his tongue
gazing his lips.
You want to be the vowels,
the air around each sentence.
He has a way around people that gives them hope
and the power of acceptance and believing in themselves.
You see,
I have trouble carrying myself around
as a mere person,
I barely pass as a human,

He however
Gives self-confidence and independence a whole other dimension.
I know this guy and he is a lot like me.
With his lopsided,slightly tilted to the right smile
and his beady eyes.
Except that when he smiles you tend to forget all your worries.
When he paces around,you can tell that he is in a hurry-the determined kind, and not the one with fluttered mind- now that would be me.
When he blinks those buttons,
You see the light in them,
and not all the parts that are blindly unlit.
When he sits down to narrate a story,
You only want to listen to him
Like watching a peacock dance in the rain.
It’s quite the scene.
Unlike me,
who will either break into a laughter riot
right in the middle of the sentence to ever make it to the end.
You see,i know this guy,
and he is a lot like me.
He loves coffee
And lives off of vanity,
and all things sugary.
From the mole on the right of our shoulder
To the scars on our knees.

He is exactly like me,
Except when he stands,
He stands tall,
Knowing very well
Thay he might fall short,
But he still stands TALL.
I,however will hide behind my own rocky spine
If anatomy and circumstances would let me.
You see,i knw this guy
And he is a whole lot like me
But when he flirts with a girl he does not pretend to seem coy.
He uses the same lines,
That i would have
But when he says them
His words dont seem to fail him
He does not have to look for someone to bail him.
I knw this guy
But when you look at him,
you would want to call him cute
and handsome
and smart

-Omkar Makwana