An Open Letter to Bunny

I am sure you all have seen the movie “Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani” . For some, this might have been an amazing film and may have watched it several times. But for the others it might have been just another typical “Bollywood Drama”. I am particularly, obbesed with the film and fall in the first category. Here’s an open letter to the lead hero- Kabir Thappar (Ranbir Kapoor) . Even if you haven’t watched the film, go ahead reading these two letters and don’t forget to tell me later on, what did you feel?

Have you ever thought of an alternate end to the one which you had with Naina? Or have you ever told me what would have happened after you both got together? You were always the adventurous guy who would never settle for anything, anyone and at anytime. You had absolutely no attachments, oh except for your travel book in which you wrote everything….Kya tha Woh, haan, “Yeh meri Sabse favourite girlfriend hai.” After you both got together, did Naina travel with you leaving her clinic behind, her maa and paa, Aditi, Avi…what happened to everyone of them? Naina wouldn’t prioritise anyone except for her family and her clinic. How did she even settle for you Mr. Kabir Thappar? Tumne hi toh kaha tha na, “Life mei thoda, Keema paav, Tangdi kabab, Hakka noodle bhi toh Hona chaiye!” How did you even settle for Dal Chawal daily?

You would now say, that, ” Mai abh bhi wahi sapne dekhta hu, par tere Saath. Duniya Ka kona Kona dekhna Chahta hu, par do ticket par!” Par kaise Bunny?

I have watched you and Naina over a 100 times now, but every single time you have made me wonder, “What after this?” What happened? How did you both compromise so much for each other? How did you both leave aside your dreams, your aspirations, your ambitions, your career and just danced together with your Jee just going Ilahi

Why did this have to end here Bunny? How does love last for such long time? Does love also end like this? Does it go on forever and ever?

Yours lovingly,

Dear Dhwani,
There are millions of Nainas and Bunnys all over the world giving up on several things just to stay together, for the simple reason that each others presence makes them happy. They feel safe. They feel more comfortable. They haven’t compromised. Compromise isn’t the correct word. It’s just that they have made an mutual understanding between them that they’ll do things together now. Travel makes me happy. But Naina makes me happier. And together we are the happiest. I still will travel. She will still be a doctor. Her maa, paa, everyone’s here. And at different times in your life, your dreams, your goals and your ambitions will change. Change happens and it is to be accepted, understood mutually and to be rejoiced upon without letting the beautiful flower of love die.

Yes, love can die, it isn’t eternal. Love is a flower which is to be nurtured and not plucked. Inspite of the nuturing, it has to die. It isn’t immortal but the flower will have buds and new flowers will grow back.

Love is music from an artist which you love. The song can change, but the artist won’t. Find your artist. Your flower. Your Naina.

Yours lovingly,

– Dhwani Panjwani