When I started living my life

How happening was your school life? Were you among that bunch of pretty kids who were extremely popular? Or the ones who were mediocre who had few friends and were average at studying ? Or those who were the toppers of the class and were among the teacher’s favourites ? Well, I belonged to the last category back then in middle school.

Parent-Teacher meeting used to be immensely fun for my mother since she got to hear how fabulous her kid was doing in school and how well mannered she is despite of the bunch of spoiled kids around her. Yes, you got that right. You guys can cringe upon the present me. I had my bunch of scholastic friends too but no real friends. Until eighth grade, I thought friends are a group of people who compete against each other for good marks.

But then eight grade happened. Classes shuffled. I lost my group of toppers. That’s when I realised I had no one to sit with. Our class teacher then came up with a rule and made it mandatory that all the students will sit in fixed places assigned to them by her. I was given a place among all the notorious kids in the class. I couldn’t pay attention in class and neither could I fit in. But somehow I managed the semester.

After the first exams of the new academic year, results arrived upon us. To my surprise, I stood second. Unlike other kids, I was disheartened and envious of the person who stood first. Second was as good as failure to me. The first place was backed by Manas. When asked by the teacher to tell everyone about his achievement he said, “ When you study in a group, you are not the only genius out there, group studying is what helped me to grow and reach where I am, plus with friends it’s always better and fun.”

Not that I agreed to him but then for the girl who never found studying fun thought of giving it a try. What if that’s true, why not give it a shot?

Those were the words that gave me a new outlook towards my school life.  I tried interacting with people, sometimes a small talk or sometimes solving a math problem for them when the teacher points at them. Unlike the cliche high school stories, I was blessed to have a bunch of notorious, but down to earth kids around me. They weren’t so overwhelmed about being popular and treated me well.

They made my school life memorable. Right from greeting the teacher sleepily in the morning to cheering for our friend’s birthday with all sorts of weird noises and meandering aimlessly in the corridors till we get a remark in our calendars, which of course has our parent’s sign skillfully forged by us.

The transformation I went through in the last three years of my school life was remarkable. Right from being the timid, shy kid to an outspoken, extrovert today who isn’t afraid of public speaking, I grew up. I knew these group of people made me happy and without them I was nothing.

The school years went by, happily. Then, college happened. The promises of being in constant touch and getting together on birthdays were broken. All that was left from school were the flashbacks – happy, upsetting, funny, heartbreaking and all the other emotional memories. I met new people, made new friends and started a new life.

And that’s exactly when I started living life. That day, I realised that my friends didn’t make my life better – they taught me the art of making it better. I guess that is what matters and stays with us in the long term.

I also realised being happy is a choice. Your happiness depends upon you. We, humans are in the quest of being happy- some find it in their favourite web series or some find it in the clothes they wear and some find it among the people they choose to hangout with. Not everybody is meant to stay.
Never regret your choices, because if the wasted time upon them made you smile then maybe you didn’t really waste time.

If it is happening right now, enjoy it. Life has much more to it than increasing its speed.