Yess! We talk a lot about feminism, use it in our day to day lives, but when it comes to conviction or supporting part very few of us are true feminists! I personally look at it as feminism is not about smtg like men’s and women’s are equal and all. No! Women’s are far more superior than men’s. Women’s go through a lot: Abuse, Breast cancer, Abortion, Rapes, Periods, Harassment, Violence, being cheated, being betrayed and what not!! They deserve respect more than attitude and men’s ego. As it is said "Love a woman with your heart and not clothes she’s wearing!" They don’t expect much but atleast once in week wake up early and prepare them a morning meal! In middle of the day call them suprise them. After a hectic day on saturday night sit with them under sky holding hands and ask how was the week? Tell me your complains, issue everything… I am ready to listen to you… Believe me, they will pour out everything and open up!!! You will share moments with her. On her bad days, make her laugh, stroke her hair, gether as much junk food she wants, make her feel comfortable. If she can’t sleep then don’t tell her to have sleeping pills pull her closer, make her sit in your lap and tell her some fascinating stories.Tell them that they are safe, they can grow and prosper, no discrimination nothing, you gonna be with her in every situation. I think Feminism is not bout equality or rights, it’s about love, care, affection, trust mutual respect and intimacy!! More than a topic to write on its smtg to implement in lives! Really think by yourselves!!

Darshan Parmar