As an artiste I never really realized the power and importance of arts until I was to give my board examinations. Dancing and playing the Santoor were a part of me. Not doing them almost felt as if I was falling into a very dark and deep pit. Time passed and I was an Engineering student now. People started asking me how I managed to still Dance along with Engineering, I would always retort by saying I manage Engineering with Dancing! When I was younger, I used to attend my dance classes just to catch up with my friends and be glee with them. Now the reasons have become more innate and personal.

There’s a question which has always boggled me- What is it that drives people and why do people do what they do? It seems like now I am beginning to understand the nuances of the answer to the question. Below is a painting made by me, a couple of months back. I want you, the reader to look at it and just give it a thought. What do you feel when you look at it? What do you think I meant when I painted it?

As a member of this world, I feel, we all have an artist within us. We all have the need to connect with Art at some point in our lives. Just take a look at your surroundings- we listen to music when we feel happy/sad both, we dance to show our joy at several occasions, we paint/draw to soothe our nerves, we write poems to convey our feelings, we watch films to pass time and to understand the world, we pour in creativity in every field of work. We are surrounded by art and artists and we never pay heed to it. Through my painting I want to elucidate something that my father taught me as a kid “Ars longa, vita brevis”, meaning ‘art is long, life is short’. There may be innumerable problems and circumstances which may seem as the end of the universe, but trust me; art helps you to feel at peace with everything.

From acting as a connector between people of ample differences, to giving enumerable health benefits; from educating the artist (e) and audience, to giving fresh perspectives to every situation, art aids in all! Dear reader, pause, sit back and take a breather, experience art, it’s a fulfilling journey!
Thank you!

– Anusha Ramachandran