Attitude is everything

Attitude refers to how we respond to the situation. We can’t change what happens in our life but we can change how we respond to it. The way we choose to respond is the reflection of our attitude and what we are. A positive attitude not only changes our perception but also changes the way we things are. Everything happens for a reason love it, live it, learn from it.

Attitude is always with us in every situation. If we have success, then we should always avoid it to become egoistic and should have a good attitude. If we see failure, then we should have to be positive that success will always be waiting for us. It is always very difficult to control our anger when we face failures. But this the only time where we can show our positive attitude.

Do you want to change you5r life?
Change the way you think.
Correctly said if you change your thinking then only you will be able to create a good and positive attitude.

The story I come across through- there was a very hardworking girl in the school she was very punctual and always have a positive attitude. She was in 10 the standard and want to achieve a particular percentage but she was not able t achieve that because of just 5 marks yes it doesn’t make a much difference but for her, it was like she lost everything but the determination in her never died she set the goal for her and decided that she will top in her school because earlier she wasn’t able to do because of 2 marks. She decided and continued to do that after facing ups and
downs and burning the midnight oil. Finally, she topped in her school and achieved her goal after 2 years. There are tons of stories that are like that.

We all the story of Dhirubahi Ambani he started as a clerk and become one of the top
industrialists in the world. He always shows a positive attitude towards life and able to reach the peak.

The iron women of India Indra Nooyi who was the former CEO of PepsiCo and has been an inspiration for all the people mentioned that attitude is always yourself. she was rejected in an interview because she wore clothes in which she wasn’t much comfort. In the next interview, she decided to wore saree as she was the most comfortable with and able to crack that interview and achieved success. So attitude always be yourself.

So always keep a positive attitude and keep smiling.