Warrior, saviour, god or human,
Riding a unicorn, wearing an armour,
Handling the weapons, next to perfection,
Releasing lives, ending souls, shining like a quasar,
Closing the gates of Kali Yuga.

My insight of Kalki may be not right,
You may be heard how he looks like,
You may be read he’s going to break the living-dyke,
Believing in theories but not the psych,
You cannot deny the fact that the image is still bright.

Who is Kalki?

Ancient prophecy with the crazy story,
Story of warrior ending the world,
World of cruelty, hunger and greed,
Greed of love, greed of lust,
Lust is love and love became a slut.

Do we really need Kalki to end this world?

Tearing sky and burning sun,
I don’t care I’ll live my life with joy and fun.
Saw a lady fall on the road in front of me,
Why do I stand for humanity, am I beaten by bee?
I see my friends and love of my life above everything,
My mother is calling and father is living there seeing me in their
Face swap is not just a filter anymore,
Jealousy and hatred exploding inside a single door.

Do we really need Kalki to end this world? I am damn sure, NO!

– Parth Dahale