Never Let Your Brain, Ruin Your Life,
Bringing The Past Alive,
Burning Your Hearty Life,
Ruining Your Moments of peace,
Seeking those useless geeks
Pondering upon those nonsense thoughts,
Useless topics on which you fought*
Thinking of their Rudeness Now,
When the Time is far by gone Now,
Never Let Your Brain Ruin Your Life.

Let your heart lead the way,
Towards Things you love, not just to say,
With The people you choose to stay,
Captivating moments like a Relay,
Sweetening the bitter foul play ,
Instead of running away,
Being someone else’s hope of ray*
For Just them Who choose to stay.
Never Let Your Brain Ruin Your Life.

Be the one You Like to be
Not acting the way others like it to be
Restricting your heart to lead,
From getting again and again hurted
The Fake bright smile could only be seen,
Over the million pains that are foreseen
Never Let Your Brain Ruin Your Life.

For the people you Love
For the people you Care
For the people you Trust
For the people with satire
For the only ones who you Admire
It’s Hard to take a step against them
To forget and sometimes be stranger’s once again ,
Never let your brain ruin Your Life.

It is easy to go , Than to stay ,
Unsending those thousand text
Which I meant ,But for you… was Just a play,
Couldn’t hurt me in no better way.
For the hours in Night I stood awake,
Depriving my sleep for your sake,
Was a joke for you,
but In a way was special to me,

From All I get Through And Learn from my Life
Let Your Brain RUIN Your Life

-Tushar Jhanwar