Butterflies Indeed….

The day started off well enough, whoever thought it would end like this? When
they turned on the time machine, I was sure it would fail. Who could have ever
conceived the possibility of it working? Out of all the people in the world, I was
paid to test it out, which made me very unsure of its success. But I was very
excited, very broke and heavily insured. Amidst my nervous rants, a strange
whirring sound started coming from the machine. I felt a sick cartwheel in my
tummy. My body was contorting out of shape and I felt like I was being
squeezed into a narrow pipe. A flash of colors passed me by and I was
surrounded by streaks of vivid images. I could not understand anything; my heart
was pounding like I had just run a marathon. And then it dropped.

I opened my eyes. Everything was still. I looked around, amidst the chaos in my
mind, trying to make out where I was. I saw a man sitting under an apple tree,
staring into nothingness. In one second, I knew where I was, the enormity of this
moment and how it would change the future. He saw me and smiled, surprised
perhaps, by my exotic garb. And just then, an apple fell from the tree onto his
head. He was perplexed, and I could see a million thoughts going on his mind at the moment. I walked to him, leaned towards his ear and whispered, ”All bodies
in the body attract each other with a force proportional to their weight. Isn’t that
strange?” He screeched in excitement and hugged me tightly! With that one
klutzy move, I had redefined my reality.

I had changed everything that humans believed true in my time. In a flash, the
machine started whirring again and took me back to my present. I was glad to be
back, to the land of the skyscrapers, and abode of my favorite shawarma joint.
When I opened my eyes, I was shocked. The exact same place that I had left 10
seconds ago was now a barren wasteland, with not a single human around.
Monstrous drones flew past me, scanning the area. I ran in search of someone,
just any sign of life. But alas, wherever I went, there were only machines. I was
the last human left. The last one to know. In one short whisper, I had made the
human race extinct.

-Aboli Marathe