Climate Change: From the eye of a Millenial

Somewhere in the future, the clock showed 3 PM, Raj wanted to take his son to park but couldn’t because the visibility was low due to smog. Son asked Raj, Father, what were you doing when our earth fell piece after piece to this situation where we don’t have pure water to drink, we are breathing from packets, there’s no land left to live, no pure food to eat? Raj was speechless!

That sounded scary, right? I wish it could just be a story, but reality will give you the heebie-jeebies, CLIMATE CHANGE IS REAL, the earth is dying and we are responsible for this slow painful death. I sometimes think what went wrong, how it went wrong, we made us so selfish that we initiated our destruction.

The clock took me to time when humans were just evolving from apes, they had beautiful bodies and an extra edge of intelligence over other species, they used it to make houses, hunt to eat, the safety of their own and start a family. As time passed, every other species adjusted with humans except humans themselves. They wanted more of everything, they wanted to realize all of their fantasies without realizing the fact that they are a mere species along with several others on this planet.

So we created tools of self-destruction, without understanding about the future, though being the most intelligent species on Earth, we are the superior ones and have so accurate visions about the future, but this one we messed up! We converted beautiful heaven into a living hell, our children don’t have a future. What if we just remained the same, we hadn’t evolved, God hadn’t given us this demonic brain, everything could’ve been much better, maybe the progress rate would be slow, we were eating from the forests, living on trees, drinking from rivers. My imagination cannot go far. The man was called a social animal, but he thought himself as God and tried to control the nature, we obstructed the flow of rivers, we tried to force rains, we almost disturbed the balance of nature.

The person who invented plastic thought that it will just remain a mere science experiment, but it became part of our lifestyle and nightmare for others, this cheap, inorganic little devil proved to be the biggest poison for our mother earth. And now we can’t do anything about it, except excluding it from our children’s lifestyle, that will not cure this problem but will not increase it. We can’t live without plastic, but can make our children live without it, that way, maybe mother earth could spare them from her wrath in the future.

Climate change is the worst of the nightmares which are happening very slowly, you can feel it, everything has started to burn, it’s a hell, when its summers, and when it’s winter, it’s cold as dead, when it’s raining, I feel the clouds are vomiting on us. The snowflakes are not cute anymore, they come down intending to freeze us to death. It all likes the Earth is preparing for revenge, a step to restore balance, maybe the new world would have better versions of homo sapiens, maybe they don’t even have homo sapiens.

-Pranay Tripathi