There are many moments in our life like the color of the rainbow. Some moments come and go putting various impacts in our lives. Although there are many moments which are hard to let go as they might be very much attached to us. Some small moments like meeting an old friend, helping others or getting helped by a stranger makes us feel wonderful. There are even bigger moments in life like getting good marks in the exam, winning a race or a competition and even making your parents proud, all these thus make us believe that our life is worth something. As there are happy moments in our life, there is some darkness too. Losing something much worth to us, unable to grab opportunities due to various reasons is what makes us feel vulnerable. Thus we try to forget the past and try to move on with our lives.

Guilt, Anxiety, Depression – all of these follow us and we try to avoid them as far as possible. However losing someone close to us hurts pretty badly to the core as we were connected to them and they played the important roles in our lives. This is sometimes good because they keep an everlasting impression and fond memories with us which we carry forward. Sometimes people try to run away, some lose their sight and destroy themselves. Some even smile on the outside, pretending to be happy and cry on the inside, feeling helpless. Thus we should move forward in our lives and help people, understanding their inner struggles and wish for the best future.

-Ayush Pradhan