Corona Warrior

All of a sudden in our busy world,
invisible and deadly demon came to life.
We named it shortly “corona”,
unaware about it’s future rife.

The demon imposed it’s brutality,
and started sickening the human race.
The authorities imposed a lockdown,
but still it continued it’s chase.

All were shut down in their homes,
and the world came to a break.
But, I could not afford to be at home,
as the entire humanity was at stake.

I am fighting with all my strength,
in various different incarnations.
“Saving the mankind and the world”,
is my only determination.

I diagnose the patients in quarantine,
wearing white coat and a mask.
Improving their immune efficiency,
is my only purpose and task.

I am travelling in the police van,
from morning till night.
Imposing the lockdown and curfew,
to it’s complete might.

I am providing emergency services,
medicines and essential commodities.
I am risking my life,
to fulfill all your needs and necessities.

I also have a family,
with whom I rarely meet.
Since the demon has a speed of light,
and expands with cruelty and deceit.

I am fighting like a warrior,
standing on the frontline.
I pledge to combat till my last breath,
until I scrap off the demon’s sign.

-Gurudev Sanjay Sutar