And my heart is racing,
Blood is gushing,
Making my legs shiver,
Chills passing down my spine
OH! It’s dark
And he’s here, I know, I can feel it
The wind carries the echo, echo of his footsteps
Crunching leaves beneath his boots
He is out, in the wild, at his wildest hunting
I know it
He’s thirsty and his thirst is insatiable
Thirsty for blood, my blood
A racing mind
A pounding heart
He can smell fear in my breath

There’s no escape
He’s close, way too close
I’m desperate
And I’m fishing, fishing for ideas
He craves, craves for my life
He’s enjoying the chase
To seek his revenge, a very cold revenge
Oh! He loved her, loved her so much
she was the beat to his heart
And he was kind
But I didn’t do it, I didn’t take her away
I didn’t do it,
Oh yes! I didn’t
She was his world, world that shattered leaving my hands red
Now he’s returned and he won’t stop
I want to scream, scream loudly
To acknowledge my innocence

Voice won’t escape my lips
The destiny of my breath awaits a chance of confession
The night is too long to witness a sunrise
The night is dark and he is darker
The light within him has lost its source
I know him, he is my brother and he’s ruthless like a beast
He’ll tear me, if only he hears me
May he will spare me
Because I didn’t do it and he didn’t knew it

Janhavi Shah