It’s my thought that it is good being as fast as light but always remember that speed of light fails in front of a black hole. I have always loved that interstellar space which is right there around our small earth, I have always loved that interstellar space that is endless, I have always that interstellar space that consists of billions and billions of mysteries in it and I have always loved that interstellar space which gives us a lesson at every single moment of our life.

This universe is really very interesting. It neither stops nor lets us stop. When we start expanding our views about this world, this universe then it seems to be endless. According to the big bang theory, the universe is one way endless and it keeps expanding. Some theories also say that if this also has an end, then from that end another universe. Some theories say that there are infinite universe, in those infinite universe, there are infinite stars and infinite galaxies and infinite interstellar bodies and those all are store stored in cold and vast vacuum, I mean interstellar space. That’s why I say neither universe stops nor it lets us stop our thinkings. We can observe deep space only through some special telescopes. The most technical and deep observer telescope of the world is the hubble space telescope. It can show us different other galaxies and nebulae and stars with the most closest view ever. Everything is born in space. The new starts we say, the galaxies, dust clouds, nebulae, black hole, planets and other celestial objects. The most accepted theory that defines the birth of this universe is the big bang theory. It is mostly accepted because many events which took place while the big bang show there proves today also. What happened in the big bang is that there was a particle which is named singularity today. It had some explosive gases and explosive things in it. So, it exploded one day and under very little parts of a second, that small particle expanded and changed into our universe. According to this theory universe is expanding at the present moment also and one day it will stop expanding and will start contracting and the world will see its end. So, after that explosion, first formation of light was there because of the burning helium gas then stars formed, when stars died and changed into black hole, then galaxies formed around those black holes.



Nebulae were formed, planets were formed and then with all the planets, our earth was also formed. This was the history of our universe. Now, let’s talk about constellations. These are some beautiful shapes and figures those are formed by the stars. They are visible in the night sky. There are total 88 constellations. The longest among them is the Hydra and the shortest is the Crux. We see many stars in the night sky and sometimes we consider planets as stars because they look similar to them. The brightest star among all the stars is the Sirius. It is 4.9 light years away from us. We know that the fastest thing in the world is light but that light fails in front of a black hole. A black hole is a dead star. When a star dies then it changes into black hole and the most amazing thing about it is that it has a very strong gravitational acceleration. That’s why, even light can’t escape. Hence, a black hole is never visible because light can’t pass through it. There are many events that take place in space, like explosions and many things else, which is why space is considered a very interesting thing. Thus, deep interstellar is not just a vacuum but a very important means of life. Hence, we have concluded that space is a very beautiful place, we can enjoy it a lot if we want and at last I would like to say that curiosity is the essence of our existence, so keep thinking which will enhance your thoughts and will make a better space for you in this endless universe.

Vaidik Rai