Depression Pills Inside

My body, the ache, the pain, the fear and the plight
Omni potency of the depression pills shook my day and night.

Ah the event so vague I shy, before the magic pills so was i
So, fast the process, there I quoted no lie.
Jabbyness I did confess, such was the change in Ki.

Almighty, if death knocks me while I am fast asleep, guide me to the eternity like shepherd to a

Never the sun shone so bright, woke up me and not I.
The life and its might, my two new-by
Shine like a star, laugh like a kook, run like a dog.
Oh god eventually I was out of deep fog.

The effect so short but the impact so high.
The same I could have been for so long, I sigh.
No problems, no plight, only opportunities I find.
And I live my life, daily as I have depression pills inside.