From long routes to shortcuts
We try to get things done by not giving it our all but then is it really worth it?

From reality to an imaginary world
We try to sleep on our problems but they never really leave so why don’t we try to create our dream a reality?

From self sabotaging personal lives to working countless hours just to make ourselves busy and be socially isolated
We try to believe that work will ameliorate our personal suffering but then why don’t we take out time to do more of what makes us happy and start loving ourselves more?

From taking risks to staying in our comfort zone
We try to believe we aren’t good enough but then isn’t out of your comfort zone is where the magic happens?

From confronting to avoiding
We try to believe ignoring is much easier but doesn’t it create resentment so why don’t we wear our hearts on our sleeves and appreciate people more?

From purpose to ambiguity and voids we create for ourselves
We try to feel trapped in our own thoughts so why don’t we try to find out what we really desire?

We don’t realise what we are loosing
Why don’t we just face it?
What do we dislike so much?
And why don’t we change it if we dislike our patterns so much?
Is escaping always an ideal solution?

-Riya Shah