Adam was an adventurer, explorer always ready for the next challenges, next adventure. From childhood, he was haunted by visions of an island.He didn’t know the reason but in search of that he became an explorer. However One day, one Sunday morning was unusual for him. He didn’t knew whether it was an intuition or something else.It was as if someone planted an idea in his mind. He had a name.He felt an obsession to know about oculi – a dark misty island located 243 miles offshore of south african coast.This island was never visited by anyone and was a mystery till date because it was surrounded by a giant 5th grade hurricane and was nearly impossible to go there.There was no history related with this island, no attempted expeditions , no researches due to which it was very less famous and remained hidden from adam’s search till now. However he found that there was a window for a passage right now to the island after several years and adam knew that it was destined.The trip to oculi was his destiny.He didn’t knew about it but he has waited for this day his whole life.

He researched everything about oculi and planned a trip to South Africa. His first stop there was a coffee shop where he had a meeting with the sailor who was gonna sail them to the island.Negotiating a fair amount wasn’t easy.At the end. Adam had to pay a hefty amount of money. Apparently a scientist was listening to their conversation from one table away. He got up and introduced himself and told them about the research he was doing on oculi and wanted to be a part of the expedition. After a long discussion, everyone agreed and an expedition was planned for the next day. Adam was unable to sleep that night, he had a feeling that something wasn’t right and someone was watching them. But still he couldn’t fight his obsession with the island. He has never been this much excited about anything in his life. He managed to get some sleep in the dizziness of his thoughts.

At Dawn, they gathered at the port and were ready to sail. All three jumped on the boat. The sailor was on the wheel and the anchor was up and within minutes they were in the water. After an hour of sailing, they were near to the island and they could see black clouds hovering over the island . Island was covered by a fog and a mild storm.Still dangerous but the sailor was confident they could get through it.However there was something else destined for them. After another half hour of sailing, something strange happened with the waters which the sailor had not encountered before.Water was completely still, no waves which is usually a very rare phenomena in the ocean and it was only in a certain area. It was as if the waters were still for them. The scientist also couldn’t explain this.They decided to ignore it and move towards the island.Their way was clear without any storm. They were very near to the coast and out of nowhere, the whole environment changed.Thunderous black clouds, lightning storms, huge waves originating from a very big hurricane. They lost control of the boat and were getting drawn towards the eye of the hurricane.Usually the eye is just a vortex around which air circulates creating a cyclone.But this eye was glowing red. A terribly huge hurricane with a red eye . It was something supernatural . It was like some monster. They were getting sucked in.The sailor tried his best to control the boat, but it was not possible.The boat cracked in half from between.The scientist and adam in one and sailor in another. They were trying to balance themselves somehow, hoping for a miracle .Adam and the scientist were not able to see the sailor anywhere.Then the scientist and Adam also fell into the water.

Adam was awake , dizzy and confused, not knowing where he was. He gained his senses, He felt happiness as well as horror that came from the realization. Happy to survive the storm somehow and guilty for the loss of sailor’s and scientist’s life and he didn’t knew how to get off this island.The island was very small and they were trees everywhere and he could see that some distance away there were some ruins or caves.He thought that maybe he could find something useful in the caves.On the way there, he saw someone coming from the ruins.At first, he hid behind the nearby tree, then he saw again, It was the scientist. He was glad and really happy that he was alive.The scientist was worried and told him that he is happy to see adam. He saw something in the ruins which made him very worried.He was washed offshore on the other side of the island and visited the ruins after he woke up. He saw some carvings in there. He saw carvings of humans worshipping the hurricane, humans sacrificing themselves in the hurricane, dead humans and a person above the hurricane who was portrayed as a god.

The scientist already knew about the stories as he was investigating the island from a long time but to see it with his own eyes was different and uncertain.He told Adam what he knew about the stories that long ago some local tribes used to live here and to them the hurricane was sacred. They believed it to be something
outside of this world.But after some time they all vanished,disappeared and till date no one knows the reason.Adam was listening with fear and also feeling guilty about the decision to come for this expedition.They both were worried and were trying to find a way to contact the world so they can be rescued. But they didn’t know what was ahead of their expedition.

They were roaming around the island trying to find some food and things to make shelter.But Suddenly they heard something, it was something they had heard before.The sound of that beast, monstrous hurricane which was coming towards the island. It seemed the Hurricane had followed them to the island. The magnitude of the storm was very huge compared to the small island, it was as if the island was going to get swallowed. They didn’t understand the physics behind it.It was all very unnatural.They didn’t had any options , there was nowhere to go.The hurricane swallowed them and all of a sudden they were drowning in the water.Adam was drowning, slowly dying all of his life flashing through his eyes yet still fighting by all his will.He could feel the immense pressure of water by which he was getting sucked at the vortex,that red glowing hurricane’s eye. He could feel some warmth on his body , everything was blood red around him. His life was fading. He didn’t know what was happening to him. Adam lost his senses and everything was pitch black.

Adam is saying to himself,“I am alive and not drowning. Wait what is happening, Who am I ? What am I? “. He was not drowning,neither he was dead, he was floating above the hurricane.He thought he didn’t know what happened to him. But he knew , in fact now he knew everything , he could see everything clearly , why , what , how everything. The hurricane was one of nature’s mysteries. This hurricane was different than the normal one.The eye was a gateway to an intra dimensional energy. Adam didn’t die, however his body vanished but he was alive , he turned into some different dimensional being . He was like a god.He could see everything – the past,present and the future at the once. He could see how he is gonna be responsible for his younger self’s knightmares, planting the idea of “Oculi” , creating a way for them to the island. He was not sure why he would do all that, but he knew that he is gonna do it. He could see that the sailor and the scientist were anyways going to die.Sailor had a deadly disease and scientist was anyways gonna make the expedition and die in it. With him both of them got what they wanted as they had their last wishes fulfilled. Scientist got his wish of visiting the island and sailor of one last sailing adventure. Adam is not human anymore. Adam is now left with wonder and in search of his true destiny.

Bhumil Jakheliya