This is an incident that happened when I had just turned 8 years old. Around 8 am, as my dad was heading for work, my mom and I waved him goodbye. My school timings were from noon because I was in primary. So, after dad left for work, my mom gave me breakfast and I sat to study as I had exams coming up soon. Later, I went to school, had a very normal, relatively boring day.

Finally, it was time to go back home. I used to travel by the school bus and my mom would pick me up from the bus stop which was 5 minutes’ walk from home and we would walk home. But that day, when I got out of the bus, I didn’t see my mom, I saw her friend. This aunty is a neighbor of ours and her family is very close to mine. So, when she said, she had come to pick me up instead of my mom because my mom had some work to do, I wasn’t suspicious so I went with her to her house. She asked me what I would like to eat for snacks and I instantly replied, “Maggi!” She chuckled a little and said that she would even have to give me a banana with it because instant noodles not exactly the healthiest food in the world and I agreed because I liked bananas. She put on some television for me to watch and went on to do her work. A while later, I heard the doorbell ring. I was elated. It was my mom. She took me home and asked me to pack my bag as I would be staying with my cousins tonight. I couldn’t believe my ears. Due to school, my cousins and I would be over the moon whenever we were allowed to have sleepovers. So, I packed a lot of things, my clothes, my toothbrush and lots of games. My mom also informed me I wouldn’t be going to school the next day. This whole day felt like a dream come true. Later, my mom dropped me to my cousins’ house. We started playing games and we were having fun. A while later, I realized that I had to submit a project the next day so I couldn’t bunk school. I asked my aunt to call my mom up and she said she couldn’t because mom was at the hospital. Hospital? I was confused. I asked her why. She then realized I wasn’t told what was going on. She started to avoid the question but I kept asking her. She still tried to avoid the question by asking me if I wanted ice-cream. When I refused to let the matter go even after being made such generous offers, she told me about it. I was taken aback when I heard it all  and I was scared and I instantly started crying. I didn’t know what to do. I felt a lot of things, pain, sadness, anxiety.

My father had met with an accident while he was coming back home. A bus had collided and brushed against him and he had been admitted to the hospital. It was not major; he had fractured his right hand and there would be a small operation done. But it was still a very very big deal for me. Then my cousins came and sat next to me and started to distract me. It worked and I was smiling and laughing with them soon putting the whole thing on a back burner for the moment. A week later, my dad was discharged from the hospital and all was well again.