Family – An Unchosen Bond

What is love is what you ask,
Little do you know that it’s a difficult task.
Love in its purest form is so vast
To reach that form you need to get rid of your own mask.

True love is hard to find,
It’s not just enough to be pure and kind,
They say you have to be brave enough to make your own choices
Followed by a list of problems and sacrifices.

In the name of love all they wanted was to flaunt,
Just to realize that everyone was only fulfilling their wants
Just to complete their worldly desires and craze,
They dint realize they were stuck in a maze.

For me finding pure love was a still a mystery to be solved,
Little did I realize that the Indian cultures would get me so much involved
The form of love that I was finding in the outside world,
That remained in my family so subtle and unheard.

Sister’s wedding plan was up the line,
A yearlong of preparation was put into to make it a successful night.
Little did dad realize that he would no more be able to call her just mine,
And mom was about to lose all of her might.

I always had a doubt that why do people cry so much when a daughter is gone?
Are they not prepared and mentally strong?

Very rightly said that you don’t realize the amount of pain unless you go through it
That day with her she was taking along 25 years of our lives in her kit.

The cool and tough person in me had come to halt,
It felt like time had just decided to stop.
When she was taking a part of me with her along,
That day I realized this is where I always belonged.

It was always fun to tease her that one day you’ll be gone,
Little did I realize that I’ll be there crying over our cute bond.
Everything was happening so unplanned
Crying over this was never in my plans.

The bed was all mine,
The room too,
Yet there was nothing I wanted to do.

Every tear drop had a story to tell,
Love was all over like a magic spell,
Every definition of love that moment could I see
That last hug was a moment in which my parents always wanted to be.

I was upset because I was soon going to lose my second mom,
And I realized that we were never going to recreate Jerry and Tom.
With all the memories slowly my heart sank,
Just to see all of our fights coming up the rank.

Being so lost in what just happened so fast,
I forgot to see my parent’s pain that was way more vast.
Never saw them so vulnerable,
Concluded that day that every member is required to make a family stable.

It’s been months since she’s gone,
Her emptiness still prevails on.
Daily phone calls cover a some of it,
Everyone’s trying to recover bit by bit.

We then started being more available there for each other,
Thanks to quarantine for not making it a lot tougher.
Love is walking through the path side by side,
And finding your strength in the person beside.

I was now clear that love is a lot more than what it’s been shown outside there,
It’s a list of sacrifices with genuine care.
Want to see the pure form of love?
Look into your family it will we as white as the dove.

Today make sure you live it,
Make your loved ones feel it,
We often express a lot to those temporary ones,
Today let’s try the same for our loved ones.

The one’s who have always been there,
Standing with you in each and every step.
A lot of us take them for granted,
But it’s only them whom you actually ever wanted.

Lot of things are temporary and might pass,
Might leave you with a bottle of wine and glass.
It’s only your loved ones who are about to stay,
Make sure you thank them before it’s too late.

Rohin Mathew