FEMINIST without a doubt..

I would like to begin by enlightening a lot of people that feminism in not about hatred for the male gender. It’s very importantly about equality. We say we live in a country which does not discriminate on the basis of men and women. But we forget to notice that inequality walks in our lives on a daily basis. I was questioned on my capability when I decided to choose mechanical engineering. A male dominant field as it is, I was told to choose something easier. While my brother’s decision to choose engineering was encouraged and happily celebrated. That was the first time I realized something isn’t right. And when I took a look around all the little happenings in and around my life, I finally began to connect the dots and decided that I wanted to be a feminist. A feminist for myself first, and then for every other woman.

The struggle continues in our everyday lives. On a higher scale, women are not given an equal pay, an equal position at work like their male colleagues along with many other struggles. While on a smaller scale, we are disregarded if we decide to run for the class representative, or if we decide to run a machine all by ourselves, we get laughed upon. Feminists are an important part of this society because the government passing laws on equality isn’t enough when our mind-sets are the main problem here. There is a need of more acceptance and less judgement. Not only regarding women but for every individual.

Don’t make fun of us because you think we can’t drive properly; instead tell us where we are going wrong. Don’t laugh at us when we aren’t able to pick up heavy weight. Instead, give us a hand and tell us we can do this together. Growing by supporting one another is the key. But for now, we have taken up the challenge and started running towards the finish line. It’s not very near, but we’re going to make it up till there.

Parinita Padge