It’s morning, yet dark like always,
Still tired, restless & helpless!
That bright ray coming inside from the hole-up there,
The only thing letting me know that I’ve woken up to one more day in despair!

Nightmares don’t let me sleep at night
and the hope of freedom in daylight!
The darkness- inside here, it haunts me,
Oh! ‘The outside’ is what I want to see!

Don’t know how the world looks like, there outside,
I’ve heard it’s huge, it’s wide!
There are trees-giant and tall,
water tumbling down the rocks from the glorious waterfall!

The breeze of cold air passing by,
The small feathery creatures called birds that could fly!
The beautiful, mysterious blue ocean which is wild and free,
The warmth that the ball of fire spreads to the animals and the tree!

It’s bright in day and dark at night,
My eyes, they’re dying to see the pleasant daylight and feel the soothing moonlight!
I want to sleep on those green meadows,
eat those sweet fruits that the tree grows!

This hope keeps me going on & not give up,
I’m sure, I’ll see the outside world one morning when I wake up!
My parents, my friends, I’ve seen them die,
But still, I’m not done, I will continue to try!

There will be a day when I’ll break those bars, get out of these dark days,
I’m willing to be free and I know there are many ways!
I’ll be grown up, strong enough to fight,
see the world, be free, it’s my human right!

I can bring the change & I’m capable,
No one can stop me, I’ll be unbeatable!
Believe me, it won’t be the same, in the future!
Cause I am an invincible creature!!!

Shreya Ganesh Devkar