In this life of mine,
I had many big quests,
Most were seem to be fine,
But this one bought within me lot of zest,
They were like my backbone and spine,
They are none other than my FRIENDS,
Including me there was nine,
Who always held my hand when I was distressed,
Happy memories are like old wine,
Sharing sorrow memories be it be break up or test,
Hold on to each other with hope of line,
Lean on shoulder to put our mind in ease and in rest,
Our respect for each other as a sun always shined,
Our friendship looks like cheesecake but it started off as crest,
Sometimes we can act unruly like a swine,
But you guys are best,
We are always together by being entangled with trust of vine,
To have these friends I am blessed.

  • Mridhuna