I am walking from one place to another just to find where I actually lie ,
Yeah I know I am lost
But I don’t know where I will find the place which makes me feel like I found my
Whichever path I choose, I find people who makes me feel like they are trustworthy
and familiar but later they make me regret choosing that path by taking off their fake
masks, some as friends while some as someone who will never betray me,
I have lost my trust on all the path because every path leads me to more darker
place covered with dangerous people,
I fear taking even a single step forward because I am in the constant fear of being
My fear is not about being left alone,
It’s instead about “How am I going to rub those bonds and clear those relation, how
will I forget those memories with those people whom I trusted so much?”
And at some paths I met people who judged me,
They judged the scars on my face,
They judged the way I am and how I look,
But they didn’t knew that these scars are my pain that I have ever felt,
These scars are the battles which I fought hard and won,
These scars are a sign of me falling and again rising back,
They called me ugly for these scars, but these scars carried a beautiful success
story behind,
They carved a great story inside,
And then on one such day, when I was still in the search of path, I found you,
Neither did you judged me nor did you try to forcibly gain my trust by acting as a kind
You took me to a new place where I felt like I found the place I have been looking
And as time passed, you made me believe that you are really trustworthy.
And together you made me grow over my inner fear.
And I never felt such happiness ever before,
And thus I never felt lost again……

– Shrimayee Mishra