Growing Up Is Boring

From waking up early and sleeping down late;
We want some rest, but time cannot wait.
Everything should be perfect, from head to toe
“Never say stop!” – they take a vow.

But one question, always kept our minds raising;
Adulthood is cool but why growing up is boring?
We never used to miss , the cartoons all day;
But if missed by chance, we cried right away.

And for music, we always loved some lame song;
Everything felt good and nothing was wrong.
Then suddenly, what happened?
Our mood kept changing;

We grew up and realized that growing up is boring.
Many memories flash up, when we remember our childhood;
We used to sleep till noon, like a dead log of wood.
It’s okay! Life demands some change hence accept it;And welcome the adulthood with some humour and wit. Because one day we’ll tell our children only one thing –“Live your life kids, because growing up is actually boring!!”

-Jash Ravaria