Tejas: The underground recruit with greatest of the intellectual abilities. A perpetual genius.
Darsh: The hacker. Nothing could do justice to the skills he possessed.

Time is such a crucial aspect in most investigations.
It’s April 2nd, a Wednesday. I sit on the sofa. Impatient. My heart, in my hands. I’ve waited for 4 months. The streetlight outside my window looks brighter than usual. And Casper looks comfy, balled up on the floor. The wallclock reads 8:48pm.

*Cell phone chimes *
I pickup the phone and press it to my ear. Darsh’s voice cracks up from the other end. ” Hey Tejas. I had a great swim in the ocean. And I found some beautiful sea shells. I’ve shipped them to you. Let’s check if we could get some pearls out of them. I’ll be in your town on 3rd of April. “

April 3rd, the Thursday.
I wake up to a parcel in the mail. It’s the shells I’ve been waiting for. The shell is a pendrive. I connect it to my laptop and type in the code. The documents decode in front of me. We were finally going to be able to explain all the alien abductions and sightings. All of it. Once we prove aliens exist. The document decodes itself.

Four months ago, me and Darsh were camping at the site where we predicted the next alien sighting to be seen. Around 3:42am we saw a deep yellow light flash across the horizon and we heard a loud rumbling, possibly a thud. The strong magnetic trap we set up, had worked. The officials of Area 51 investigated the site. The neon green gooey substance found all over the place. It was sent to the lab for the DNA analysis. No one knows what the lab results were. Darsh had hacked into the system. And my laptop was displaying the reports now.

The pendrive had the secret lab reports. The reports are very confidential so they are written in a language we don’t comprehend. I am trying to decipher the reports.

It’s about 7:45 pm. The streetlight is blinking. Casper seems restless, he keeps looking towards the door.
Door bell rings
I get up to answer the door. My face lights up. It’s Darsh. I let him in. He waits as I decipher the reports.
Report results: Silver activated Zinc Sulphide with doped Strontium Aluminate and a mixture of Copal and pine resin.

We looked at each other disappointed. It was just neon paints and resin. We couldn’t explain it at all. We were probably hallucinating about the lights. And there was an earthquake in the south of the country about the same time. All our hardwork was washed away just like that.
Months of research into trash. Darsh got up and hugged me good bye. He looked so off. I go to bed. So much for nothing.

I wake up to a desperate sounding bell ringing. I open the front door. It’s Darsh. He looks excited. I ask him what happened and why did he come back. He looks confused. He said he wanted to decipher the reports with me. I check the phone and it’s the 3rd of April.

Ps: It wasn’t a dream. It was an alien abduction.

– Shweta Chavan