I am sorry, I turned out a waste.

“I am sorry, I turned out a waste”,
Read the letter that he left,
Before acting on the decision,
Which he must’ve taken in haste.

To reach where you wanted,
It was hard ; but we supported,
Alas! My prayers were heard by
the diety,
As you finally stepped into the IIT.

It left us numb and scary,
Looking at your lifeless body,
It left me with one question,
Why didn’t you talk often?

“Busy with assignments”,
“Working on projects”,
Foolish reasons you gave,
Ones we thought were
actually brave.

Turned out I was right,
You were busy in a fight,
Not with others, but with
As the hardest of all are
the with ones with self.

It seems not entirely your fault,
Bullying and ragging must be put to a halt,
Overburdening students won’t ever help,
Is something that all we need to understand.

There has to be an awareness,
And understanding for that openness,
To talk about something so intimate,
And not feel shy or fear being mistreated,
Being labelled as an attention seeker in exchange.

Hopefully, this gets into action,
For it might save someone else’s son,
For no one has to lose their dear ones,
Especially not their daughters and beloved sons.
From the mother who lost her precious son.

– Romil K Shah