I Am

I am-
A living meme, a worthy story,
The longest chapter in future history,
An enchanted song,a distraught parody,
A chance to write a bestseller for many a literati,
A new filter, the cause of global poverty,
A reason for many a failed democracies,
I am not a living hazard,
But a dead threat to all humanity,

A thousand elephants,ten thousand bulls,
Not even an artillery can kill me,
Your TV screens, your mobile phones,
They always talk about me,
Your mind, your heart, your soul, your art,
They all portray my atrocities,
The millionaire,the saint, the pauper by the lane,
They are but all the same to me,
The townships, the city,the islands so pretty,
I see no barriers, no boundaries,
Your themes,your songs, your conversations so long,
They always have a part of me,
I am sure very soon you will name,
Your children, your kingships in my memory,
I brought mighty powers to their knees,
I made businesses cease,
And yes, of course,I made most of you sneeze,
Wars and strikes, falls and fights,
Were all over with my entry,
The bears,the cats, the birds, the gnats,
They all secretly admire me,
Because what they wanted to do in so many years,
I did within a jiffy,
Your tired shoes gave me a secret hug,
And so did your only pair of jeans,
But after the hug they begged me to leave, Saying, they didn’t want their owners deceased,
The dolphins are dancing, the deers are prancing,
They all invited me to their grand party,
I am sure I also have given all of you a break,
from the unanswerable, annoying questions from your next door aunty,
I am not upset because I think,
I reminded you of your priorities,
Of all the things you otherwise had taken for granted,
Of all the hugs and memories.
You call me, covid -19

-Breanna Fernandes