“We smile when we are happy but we smile more when we are hurt
deep inside. We smile when we are with people but we smile more
when we are with ourselves or someone special.
We smile when we have a reason but we smile more anyways.”
The present situation is worse for everyone; who has ever thought to
be locked down at your own place for so long. We need personal
space but it’s not true for everyone. The people have forgot to be
happy and smile as the world is suffering but at least we can try to
cheer up our dear ones with whom we are living with.

What is smile?

Smiling is an attitude. Smiling is a skill. Smiling is an attraction.
Humor, laughter, enjoyment and smiling are the secrets to live a good
life. And you know the best thing is its damn free. See now you
smiled. In the present world full of gloomy faces, negative vibes
and everything costly, at least this is the most precious thing you can
afford at the cheapest. While getting a selfie clicked or posting photos
on social media shouldn’t be the only time that you smile!! You
should do it every day, every chance that you get. It’s actually not
hard to smile. Trust me. Even while writing this blog I was wondering
how simple things in life can transform one’s thoughts, feelings and
mental experiences. When I thought more, I felt it’s all about my
smile….starting the day with a smile and going to bed with a smile,
not considering how bad the situations are. The people around me
even feel good and positive. This is why I decided to write about it…a
smile.. simple but graceful….sweet but real.

Reality check

As a college student, constantly playing catch up with deadlines,
classes and events, I want that no one should compromise with their
smiles. What a smiley or an emoticon can do if one is not ready to
smile!!!! Doing work with a smile, studying with a smiling face is
more worth it. Hope you all agree. Smiling also affects brain and
body. This is for those who think that the concept of smile is just a
psychological thing. It has been proven by many researches. Also it
takes only 26 muscles to smile, yet, it’s unimaginably hard to do
every day. Smiling activates the release of neuropeptides that work
toward fighting off stress. Stress-free life is a bliss….Some people
fear to smile. They think if they are happy at a moment, they will be
cursed the next moment. This is fact of life but if we face tough
situations with a smile, no problem can haunt us. The smile carries a
positive power. So smile, smile, smile…

“A smile is happiness you will find right under your nose.”
-Tom Wilson.

There’s a magic in your smile. Be the person who is always
remembered for his/her smile. Never wait for others to make you
smile be it either your special one or close ones. Be the reason for
others to smile. Think once: your situations are better than that of
many other people in the world. So what’s the reason not to have a
smiling cheerful face? It has been said that a smile is a curve that
sets everything straight. The smile is a universal language. Everyone
understands it. So smile and the world will smile with you.

So what’s next?

I was thrilled to learn that smiling is contagious. Smiling is infectious,
you can catch it like the flu; someone smiled at me today, and I
started smiling too. Smiling is like a virus; it’s contagious like other
viruses, spreading from person to person. At least you can do this in
your so called hectic schedule. So what are you thinking now? Smile.
And also smiling is the definitely one of the best known beauty
remedies. So girls stop wasting money on cosmetics. Your natural
beauty with a killer smile is enough for anything. And boys you all
also smile: your girl is looking more beautiful and happy. Make it
your resolution. Now I’m more confident of my resolve and thus, will
continue to smile with a greater enthusiasm till smiling itself
becomes the default state. I will end penning down my thoughts with
a smile now.

-Mukta Saxena