It’s all about a thing called, Love

We have been watching thousands of movies and various web series whose basic component consists of love. But do we really know what love is? Have we actually felt what being in love means? How do we react to someone’s love? There are too many such questions which come to our mind with no answers. I’ve heard so many definitions from various sources that “Love is just a chemical imbalance in a human brain”, “Love is Sacrifice, care, trust, happiness, craziness, etc”, also “Love is attraction” and so much more which were actually irrelevant and deviation from the concept of true love. In Indian cinemas, love is the most important and a great fantasy world shown for which most of the people effectively react to. Love does come in different forms which we all experience it in our day to day life. Love can be constructive and sometimes can also be destructive depending on the person itself.

I would like to specify one thing which I learnt from one of my friend that Love is not only caring but it is something beyond caring for someone. Love and care are two different things. Loving someone can be claimed as caring but caring for someone cannot be claimed as being in love. Love also comes with insecurities, possessiveness, carelessness which can actually lead to a relationship into a destructive manner.

Love is an expression which is beyond science and also beyond any definition. It is not like compiling a program into a processor for better functioning of a system. The emotion of love amplifies various senses in humans such as a touch (expresses the feel of a person), sight (perceiving things from eyes is like everything looks beautiful and amazing), Mind (can lead for having a good perspective in various aspects), confidence and much more things.

Love is one the most powerful thing a person experiences in their life; it makes us strong, confident and most important is happy. A love can also be expressed through eyes, by euphony and also by showing various emotions. Love is the basic building block of a strong relationship. Many of the great thinkers and writers are being inspired by the “LOVE” concept. Love cannot be a pre-planned thing to do instead it is spontaneous, flexible and instinct. We all fall in love which consumes us with happiness; which is passionate; and which is beautiful. Some fall in love for books, music, flowers which are basically non-living things but the person who falls in love for that feels each and everything for that. Some fall in love with pet animals because for them those animals show them the path to be happy, to reduce stress and to have a forever partner. We all fall in love with ourselves which is the most important thing to do. Some fall in love with the cold wind on the beach, fresh voice of the sea, silence of the sky, the stars sparkling during the night, light of the moon in the night darkness; these are the things we feel for and fall for. The most important love we all have shown is for our nation, it’s just a feeling which instantly comes as soon as the National Anthem starts playing. The soldiers serving for the Nation are the most unconditional lovers who can do anything to save their Nation.

But love is not always something romantic thing, love is also a symbol of pain, hurt and also loneliness. With love there comes a love story. Love stories are always meant to be inspiring people. Some love stories make us fall in love. Most of the cinemas are based on love stories which make us to be a part of a fantasy world. But there are some love stories which comes with long waiting, hatred, and painfulness. These stories feel like some mistakes which we feel like undoing by just replacing our past. Love is filled up by three dimensions which are past, present and future. We truly think too much about things which are not important and then keep regretting it for the rest of our lives. People say there is no medicine to come out or to forget love but the only medicine prescribed is “Move On”. But does moving on is really considered as erasing the memories of our loved ones? Love is too deep which most of the people claim. Love doesn’t consist of any limits; it’s unconditional, unstoppable and unexplainable. We watch movies and web series where the ending is always shown as the getting the love of their life in love story between two people. But in reality not everybody achieve their love, and there comes sacrifice. People do sacrifice their love but it doesn’t always depend on situation and circumstances but it’s just because of themselves. We hear many songs and by listening to the lyrics of the songs we fall in love with those songs just because we relate to them. Even after not being together with the person we love, we remember the memories with them and feel so many emotions all together like happy, funny, hurt, angry and betrayed. We laugh, cry and think for long time and then distract ourselves by engaging into some other thing.

Being loved by someone is totally a special feeling such as receiving a text for that person makes us feel happy, being the support and trust of that person, problem sharing and solving takes place between them which reduces their stress and most important is elaborating that person about how important that person means to them. Love makes us powerful but as soon as this love becomes controllable it becomes powerless. Love should not be considered as a dream, it’s a reality and if we are strong and confident to live this reality then only we can survive. Great love is something which brings powerful minds and strong heart in us.
Sometimes, it also weakens us. Thus, the love which has weak strings never lasts forever. Sometimes, love is that silence which tends to keep things normally functioning by remembering and not remembering them at the same time. Sometimes, we hate the person we love the most which is a very rare form of loving someone. For some people, love is that pain which they cannot achieve even after being together for years. In this, we keep waiting for the person even after they are gone from our lives. There are so many questions that take place in our such small brain after the person whom we loved has gone from our life.
Whether love can happen again or not? Is this the end? Can we trust another person again or not? What may be the other person’s condition? Are they really happy and satisfying their life without us? In this phase we keep trying to convince ourselves that we should forget about it. Some people forget about the stupid things their love has done instead apologize them just to have their love back into their life. Yes, we say, life is incomplete without love. But also life is not complete if that love is causing pain and trouble. Yes, it’s true that love can heal any injury but sometimes love becomes our injury and it becomes too difficult to cure this injury. Physical injuries can get cured healed easily but the agony caused by our loved ones cannot get cured easily. People do require time to get heal from this grief.

So, for the people who have been in true love and also to those who haven’t got chance to complete their story together, start loving your own selves. Start understanding yourself. Trust yourself first. Sometimes people tend to be practical in their life, but it’s just equal to hiding your pain. So take decisions which are emotionally strong and be confident. Don’t hide yourself and your tears under a pillow case, instead start investing into things which have always been your favourite. Accept the fact that it was not meant for you and something better is yet to come in your life. Life doesn’t want you to suffer but sometimes things are not meant to be together. Also, sometimes letting go is one of the hardest but the best option. Remember that everyone has a story which we no idea about and circumstances make a person to change. Love is just a four letter word yet we find it hard to understand and define. Don’t bury your happiness inside you because of your love. Sometimes things change and don’t act accordingly planned, but it’s life and nothing remains constant. Keep things simple around you with a happy and confident smile within you. I do believe in a thing called that sometimes our love takes a break but at the end it does finds its way back to us even after so many obstacles and that’s what called is destiny. So, keep calm and wait for your perfect destiny. Life cannot be determined. So, live it to the fullest and have a happy destination.

– Maithili Vitthal Kale