Life’s biggest asset: Learning the Art of Letting Go

Quite often we find ourselves stuck in difficult situations: an argument with a friend or a colleague, a bad break up or failing a test. As humans we tend to overthink when we come across such bad experiences but in such times it is absolutely necessary to learn letting go and hold no grudges to live a peaceful life ahead. We need to convert our pain into power through forgiveness and detachment. Here are a few reasons why we need to learn letting go:

  1. Life’s first aid kit:
    What a band aid is in a first aid kit is exactly what forgiveness is in life survival kit. Letting go is the basic requirement in life as you are not always going to live in rose tinted glasses.

  2. Forgiving others as well as yourself:
    Trusting someone is like taking an insurance, in case of a mishap you need to find the courage to redeem yourself. Not being harsh on yourself and forgiving yourself for your past mistakes is just as important as forgiving someone else.

  3. Making space:
    Every incident, good or bad teaches you about yourself and people around you. You get the chance of making space for something else that it is meant for you and you exactly know what you don’t want the next time which makes you a more focused person. No textbook can teach you forgiveness but your experiences can.

  4. Tried and tested:
    The greatest of people who have been betrayed several times possess the biggest asset of their life which is their ability to forgive, detach and move on which has truly made them a people’s person.

  5. Rising like a phoenix:
    If we can take responsibility for our happiness and successes we should also learn to take responsibility for sadness and failure. You have to trust yourself enough to rise from the ashes again.

  6. Spreading your wings:
    You may feel like life is a cage because no window has ever opened for you. But if you keep trying, someday you will find an open window that will set you free. If you want to fly high you have to give up things that weigh you down.

  7. Controlling the mind’s battle:
    Failures make you realise that you are stronger than you thought you were. Like a brave warrior ready to take on any battlefield. Failures should positively be taken as opportunities for improvement. Mastering your mind is harder than mastering your body but it is definitely possible.

Letting go something very painful can be tough but it works wonders when we practice and master it. It will not only help us in maintaining and building meaningful relationships but also keep us away from what’s not meant to be ours. Is holding on to a balloon string forever and watching it run out of air better than letting it fly in the air? Definitely not.

Thank you!

Shireen Ambardekar