A normal day of my life
Its 10:01am I’m here with my breakfast consisting of milk, as I sat down to drink it my mom starts crying (its normal) on the fact that my dad doesn’t wants to work and on how she will get the ration for this month and pay dues without as usual acts as everything is normal. As I take a sip of my milk my dad starts screaming and showing his masculinity on her. This is every second day of my life..according to him he did a mistake of admitting us into an English medium school as he cannot afford for our further studies, our depicts me and my two younger sister. This all made me think what is life for everyone?
Is it beautiful or dangerous or just beautiful with parts of sadness for some and dangerous with instills of beauty in it for some..confused?
1. Is it beautiful when people have 5 star dinners with their friends and family or It’s when a person manages to have a meal for the day
2. Does the pain comes when one lose their puppy or cant find a pretty dress to wear at a party or When the child needs only one school uniform but the parents cant afford that also.
3.Does the sorrow comes when one have no four walls and a roof or Having a big mansion but no sleep and peace
Is it that beauty lies in smiling or hiding flawlessly the pain behind that smile?
These questions shows various ways of living life dangerously beautiful
The pain and remorse the happiness and joy are way cavernous than seen.

-Afreen Baig