Life’s A Mirage…

Nightmares feel like dreams
And Dreams feel like nightmares
It feels really easy to observe everything
Simply when no one cares

Strangers feel like relatives
And Relatives feel like strangers
Society tells us to be aware
But what if they possess the real dangers

What if we live in a lie
That was supposed to be the truth
And there is still a world out there
Where success is not everyone’s sweet fruit

A world we could dive Right in
Never to come back
A world full of joy
Where nothing could disturb our track

No end to life
And no beginning to sorrow
Where we could live in today
With no fear of tomorrow

Driving on an endless path
With no lives at stake
Accelerating the joys and
Putting our woes to a break

But for all the chaos around
Who’s responsible who’s to blame
I guess no one or maybe everyone
As we continue to play the same game
Over and over and over again

– Kunal Razdan